Can You Meditate for Someone Else?

This is a Practical Blog My aim with this website is to help you with practical information that can be applied instantly, there is plenty of misguiding and improper advice around the web made only to make money, and it makes me sad. While many people believe that humans can connect with each other and … Read more

Can My Computer Screen Make Me Blind?

You Are Not Going to Get Blind from Looking at a Computer Screen is the Short Answer Stop believing these myths around the internet saying that your vision will start to deteriorate because of computer or phone screens. Humankind eye vision has and always will deteriorate naturally with aging. Look Around You When you look … Read more

Can a Tennis Ball Kill You?

It is Possible for a Tennis Ball to Kill You Getting hit by a tennis ball can be very unconfortable, but is tennis ball hit enough to make a person die? How Unlucky Do You Have to Get? On a normal game where you are NOT playing against someone like Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer, … Read more

Does Sugar Kill Probiotics in Yogurt?

Too Much Sugar Will Kill Probiotics Sugar is sterile in high quantities and will kill probiotics if their ratio is to predominant at your yogurt. Sugar Sucks Moisture of Cells by Osmosis Sugar can pretty much just suck cells moisture when osmosis occurs, as you already know, probiotics are living creatures and everything that lives … Read more