Can Sugar Explode Trees?

Is Sugar Explosive? While this answer is relative to multiple variables, sugar can be explosive and should be dealt with care by facilities and places that handle sugar in its daily activities. Surface Area of Sugar and Explosive Properties The rule of thumb is that sugar gains more explosiveness potential as its grain become smaller … Read more

Can I Run with One Lung?

It is Very Possible to Run with One Lung Even though a situation like this is unlikely to happen, sometimes life is what it is and we end up with half a lung. When we are faced with such adversity, our very core is often freightened about our limitations. Manage Your Expectations Yes, it is … Read more

Should I Run After a Migraine?

Avoid Engaging in Physical Activities After a Recent Migraine Exercising with a migraine is bad for your body, you should not strain your body on such a level, because as a result, exercising with migraines can make them worse. Exercising After Having Migraines Can Make It Worse You need to wait a little before you … Read more

Should I Run with Sore Calves?

Experiment to Find an Answer The truth is that running will give you the best answer on this question, and you will be able to better evaluate if you should run or not based on the guidelines we are about to give you Is Running Making the Pain Worse? A basic question that is going … Read more

Is Eating Snow Bad for Your Eyes?

Eating Snow is not Associated with Eye Illnesses You will not damage your vision if you eat snow, but that does not mean that eating snow is the correct thing to do. Do Not Confuse Eating Snow with Snow Blindness Snow blindness is a very painful eye condition that is caused by overexposure to ultraviolet … Read more

Does Snoring Spread Coronavirus?

The Anwer Lies in Our Throats Can snoring relly increase the likelyhood of transmitting corona virus to other people? Snoring and Airflow When we are snoring, what happens is that we are trying to breathe normally, but because we are sleeping, the soft tissues in our throat become very relaxed, when the air goes through … Read more

Does Snoring Keep Mice Away

What is Snoring Anyway? What creates that horrendous sound that people call snoring? Well, snoring happens when air goes through the relaxed tissues in your throat, when that happens, the tissues vibrate along with your breathing, as a result, you produce that weird hoarse sound. How Loud Your Snoring Can Get? Normally, snoring is in … Read more

How to Not Tilt While Playing LOL

Realize You Cannot Control Your Teammates in LOL Why on earth are you expecting your teammates to do the right play, know their champion, or even better, play seriously? This is League of Legends, the truest clown fiesta ever created. If you are tryharding, you absolutely need to adjust yourself accordingly. Do Not Trust 4 … Read more