Can Playing Video Games Kill Brain Cells?

You Brain Cells Interact with Everything You Do Your brain will interact with anything your five senses come in contact with. Your senses are the eyes which through your brain sees the world. Whatever you feed it will consume. While I don’t think playing video games actually killing brain cells, it is narrowing its usability … Read more

Does Cardio Kill Gains?

Cardio is Not What is Going to Kill Your Gains While cardio is a good way to burn a lot of extra calories. It is very unlikely that it will hurt your gains. Cardio is actually superb for your cardiovascular system. It will strengthen your heart, thus providing more oxygen to your muscles. Eat an … Read more

Why My Friend Doesn’t Text Me?

Gauge Your Friend Response Rate How often you get in touch with each other can often determine the quality of that relationship. Sometimes we feel that we might be behaving in a needy way, and you can be right. Stop Messaging Your Friend for Sometime Go no contact unless absolutely needed. If your friend does … Read more

How to Moderate Your Gaming Time?

Some Hard Truths Before I Get into the Gold For gaming addicts, moderation is not possible, period. However, there is a slight chance of conquering the addiction with time and awareness. If you deeply struggle with moderation, realise that you are not alone. I am proof that moderation is possible, but it is not for … Read more

Why Eating Less Everyday Sucks

Giving Up Pleasure Really Sucks There is no denying it, giving up stuff we love hurts, especially when it comes to eating, because It is a biological need. Expect the Beginning to Be Painful Expect to be very grumpy in the beginning, your patience will slip through your fingers. You will become easily irritable and … Read more

I Feel Guilty About Working All Day

There is No Point in Feeling Guilty About Working All Day The harsh reality of life is that sometimes we need to work more in order to achieve the results we seek; it is only natural. Use that Frustration Energy and Channel It Towards a Solution There is a difference between wasting time and working … Read more