Can My Hand Fall Off?

#DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, take this advice at your own responsability. Your Limbs Will Not Fall Off Naturally if Nothing is Wrong Trust me, if you ever find yourself in a situation where your limb falls off, your body will show some signals first. Obviously Your Limb Will Not Disappear Out of Thin … Read more

I Always Leave Things for Tomorrow

Stop Guilty Shaming Yourself for Leaving Things for Tomorrow Guilt is your worst enemy when trying to correct a bad habit. Negative self talk creates an unhealthy loop where you do something bad, get guilty, and then do the very thing again to alleviate the pain. You Were Not Your Own Creator I have read … Read more

Can You Meditate While Pooping?

#DISCLAIMER: If you do not want to read things about things that involve poop, do not read this article; I Would Not Recommend Meditating While Pooping Aside from the obvious distractions that comes with discharging, meditation while going through discomfort will further associate your emotions and memory with that activity. You do not want to … Read more

I Sit on the Chair Like a Shrimp

Sitting on the chair just like a shrimp is very confortable and cozy, until it is not. After sitting in this nasty position for too long, your body will start to complain. The Dangers of Sitting Like a Shrimp Unfortunately, I was sitting like a shrimp for years, after so much time sitting like this, … Read more

Am I Too Short to Dunk

Some People Are Able to Dunk While Being Very Short Dunking is obviously not easy, it is crazy to me how amazingly motivated someone can get to achieve their goals regardless of body limitations. If You’re More than 5’2” then it is Possible It is impossible to leave William Easton out of this article, although … Read more

Can I Learn to Skate If I Am Fat?

Get Gear that is Compatible with Your Weight Skating will not be as easy for a larger person, safety measures should be respected thoroughly for a heavy skater to enjoy a good ride without injury. Larger Deck for Better Board Strenght A larger deck can go a long way in making you feel safer while … Read more

I Have No Desire for Anything in Life

Your Desires Are Suppressed Aiming big is something scary. Great minds have once argued that: Success is the biggest source of fear there is, because oneself has no confidence of maintaining it once he gets there. There is Always Something that We Want You can argue like crazy telling me about how you do not … Read more

I Can’t Enjoy Movies Anymore

Reduced Enjoyment is a Key Sign of Depression There was a time in the past where you could watch hundreds of movies and still want more. You built a real connection with them at the time and now… Every movie feels so bland. The movie itself might be really good but you cannot bring yourself … Read more