I Can’t Stay Disciplined After Work

You Are Trying to Bite More than You Can Chew After Work No wonder you are burned out, you are trying to conquer the world after work and now that you failed you are feeling hopeless about future expectations. That is normal and there are ways to keep you productive as well as maintaining your … Read more

Can Blankets Raise Your Temperature

Being Under Blankets Will Raise Your Temperature? Do you find yourself all smothered up in blanckets at night? Because your body has very particular mechanisms of self defense, I do not believe that anyone has died of being under too many blanckets yet, but I think it would be possible in theory. Blankets Will Insulate … Read more

Legs Falling Asleep While Meditating

There Are Many Ways to Meditate It is true that there are many ways to meditate, people often find ways to meditate while walking, running, sitting in odd positions, I even written an article about meditating while upside down and its harmful effects, but what is an efficient way to meditate and keep the pain … Read more