Am I Meditating Wrong?

Okay, you researched a method on the internet about meditation, got all psyched up about the huge benefits that meditation can bring you and now, your meditation sessions seems kind of weird, maybe you are not getting the “results” you thought you would get and now you are feeling a little helpless about how you should proceed on this journey.

Is There Even a Wrong Way to Meditate?

Yes, absolutely, you cannot possibly consider that there isn’t, if ther was, then we would all be meditating all the time, one of the things that separate a meditation session from eating dinner for example, usually is intention.

There Will Always Exist a Better Meditating Method Out There

So the real question changes, as a result of thinking critically over the matter at hand, you too can arrive at the conclusion that you probably aren’t meditating wrong, the real question is if you’re meditating less or more optimally.

Another equally or more important question arises, that question is whether or not is it worth chasing the “perfect” meditation method out there, and to make an adequate choice you have to weigh some factors that will contribute to your growth.

Time is Your Most Important Asset

I will tell you outright that my advice is for you to stick with your current meditating method, simply because a beginner can go a really long way just sticking to the basics, aka focusing solely on the breathing.

You will lose precious time if you don’t practice enough to let your current method yield results, also, a person can get caught up in the research phase for a long time, it is said that

“Is better to execute a good plan today than to try to devise a perfect one tomorrow”

It Takes a Long Time to See the Effects of Meditation

If you are struggling and things are not loking good with your meditation sessions, don’t worry, especially if you are a begginer.

Understand Why You Want Faster Results

What is discipline after all?

Discipline is simply the abillity to do something you absolutely do not want to do, but that you consciously know that is the right thing to do.

Sitting, alone, trying to disconnect from all these thoughts that come to you is not an easy feat, and doing it daily, for a set amount of time, oh boy, it is tough.

But at the other side of terror, confusion and pain, usually there’s bliss, and that’s why you should keep at it.

The Differences Are Subtler Than You Think

You are washing the dishes, and suddenly you start to recognize more of what is going through your mind, another day, something similar happen, you are slightly more aware of the bad choices you make, and you set out to change them.

Subtle changes make a huge impact over time, being mindful is one of the best ways to change oneself.

Your Expectations on Meditation Are Way Off

When we act within reason, we also align our expectations with reality, that is a solid way to live life as we all already know, but sometimes, we get so hyped up about our craft, our habits and our passions, that we distort our expectations over time.

You Are Not Going to See “God” Or Talk to Deities While Meditating

Yeah, believe me, some people really believe meditating is about ascending to a higher plane of reality and all that woo-hoo stuff you hear them make stereotypes of, when in reality, meditation is just a way to connect ourselves with the truth, reality, unchanged.

There Will Be Good Days and Horrible Days

Meditating hurts, at least to me, sometimes things we avoid come flying at our foreheads faster than a hummingbird, sometimes our minds settle and we can enjoy those small moments of true peace within our days

What we are aiming at with our meditation practice is to extend those moments of inner peace.

Maybe someday they will extend much beyond our sitting time.

Your Meditation Sessions Are Too Short

There is a cost associated with anything we want out of life, in order to gain something, we must sacrifice something else, opportunity cost, losses, gains, that is simply how life works.

It Really is Okay for Your Meditations Sessions to Be Short, But Not Forever

Some people argue that starting your meditation practice with 1-minute meditation sessions is an optimal way to do this because it eases your way into the habit of meditation, that as we already discussed, it’s not easy to engrain in our lifes.

There is a Commonly Agreed Upon Time Minimum at Which You Start to See Results

Okay, you have to meditate for at least 15 minutes a day to see some significant changes in your day, so if you already settled the habit of meditation, then it may be time to start amping up those minutes (or hours if that’s your thing).

You are Not Deliberately Focusing Enough

Well, if the whole time you sit, you are thinking about watermelons, and you are not trying to implement the right patterns of mental behaviour, then you might be really doing it wrong.

You Think Just Sitting Is Enough

Having the intention to meditate is important, obviously, but it has got to be coupled with your accountability to execute what your method has asked of you in order for you to reap the fruits of your meditation sessions.

You Are Avoiding Thoughts That Would Cause Pain

Another benefit of meditation is that it causes you to see what you are trying to avoid, and deal with it, you think that what causes you pain is the thought, but actually, what is truthfully causing discomfort, is your resistance to whatever is going through you at the moment, when your resistance drops to zero, your pain also drops to zero.

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