Am I Too Short to Dunk

Some People Are Able to Dunk While Being Very Short

Dunking is obviously not easy, it is crazy to me how amazingly motivated someone can get to achieve their goals regardless of body limitations.

If You’re More than 5’2” then it is Possible

It is impossible to leave William Easton out of this article, although still a senior at Ribault High School, he can dunk while being very short. This insanely hard working young lad was able to pull off a dunk while being 5’2”. Although he was able to accomplish this tremendously arduous feat, other factors need to be taken into account. Stuff like legs to torso ratio, arms length and flexibilty plays a big part in being able or not to dunk.

Spud Webb Won a NBA SLAM DUNK CONTEST at 5’7”

Yes, you have read it perfectly fine, this man was able to dunk while being 5’7”. An incredibly amazing feat to accomplish. BUT NOT ONLY THAT, he went to WIN AN NBA SLAM DUNK CONTEST. Do you know how insane this even is?

All of these people could have made up TONS of excuses as to why they could not dunk but they chose to not act like a victim, instead they became legendary.

Dunk Training is Hard on Your Body

Too often we hear news of basketball players having injuries when they are at the very top of their game. This happens because high impact sports are always hard on critical joints.

Jumping High Means High Risk of Injury

The higher you jump, the more dangerous the impact is. It is hard to control subtle body parts when dunking so injury can happen in unpredictable places such as fingers and the wrist.

Dunking is not Decisive in Winning a Game

An insane dunk can boost team morale and give them 2 points, but that is it. Do not fret too much about not being able to dunk. If you truly want to become a better basketball player, then strive to improve your shooting accuracy and game knowledge instead.

Some Worth Mentioning Dunk Training Programs

There are some common training programs that work on the premise of improving your vertical jumps to another whole level.

Air Alert for Slam Dunking

Air Alert is a very popular vertical jumping program, but with ill scientific base behind it. It is entirely possible to get surpring results with this program but I will warn you that Air Alert promotes training sessions with hardcore number of reps. That is a recipe for serious injury risks.

The Vertical Jump Bible

While this training is more scienctifically grounded, The Vertical Jump Bible can be harmful for those that cannot make good self evaluations. TVJM provides a bunch of guidelines as a way to find your level of fitness and then gives you a training plan that fits your current fitness level.

Focus on Your Grip While Training for a Dunk

When jumping, having a weak grip might be the single worst roadblock to a successful dunk. Focusing on having a good grip will not only increase your dunk but your overall skill as a player, so it is always worth it.

Strenghten Your Grip for Consistent Dunks

You will only dunk consistently when you become confortable jumping with the ball on your hands. Too many players ignore palming the ball correctly and it hurts their game. Strenghten your grip until it becomes second nature to you and it will be one less problem to face.

Study the Best Techniques

Watch lots of jumping videos and then take notes. Nowadays we are blessed with a gamma of quality footage of the best dunkers at our disposal. Take advantage of this technology and pay attention to detail, try to emulate and achieve similar results.

Become a Better Athlete Overall for Dunking

Dunking requires good physical conditioning. You are not going to see a wimpy kid dunking unless they are abnormally huge.

Never Skip Leg Days When Training for Dunk

Even though it is obvious, leg days are often neglected when they are what we need the most. Having strong quadriceps, hamstrings and sturdy calves is fundamental in dunking, especially if you are on the shorter side.

You Will Only get Better at Jumping by Jumping

To be able to jump higher, guess what you need?

JUMP A LOT, jumping a lot will strenghten your muscular memory, couple that with good jumping technique as already mentioned here and you will be golden.

Set achievable goals to keep you motivated, eat a protein rich diet and keep marching forward.

Consider if Dunking is Worth the Time Investment for You

Sometimes we find something insteresting but we imediatelly lose that flame when things start to get real. Realise that being short will make things harder for you to succeed and accept it.

Giving up IS AN OPTION

Movies, inspirational quotes and many more external factors contribute to a vision of the world that is extremely unhealthy. It is OKAY to give up on something that will give you little to no results in life. Remember that the definition of insanity is:

Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

Failure in One Area of Our Life May Be What We Need to Succeed in Another

When the door is shut in our face, another one might be opening, one that fits us better. Accept life as it is and work with what you have. Sometimes genetics really will win over hard work in some aspect, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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