How to Not Tilt While Playing LOL

Realize You Cannot Control Your Teammates in LOL Why on earth are you expecting your teammates to do the right play, know their champion, or even better, play seriously? This is League of Legends, the truest clown fiesta ever created. If you are tryharding, you absolutely need to adjust yourself accordingly. Do Not Trust 4 … Read more

How I Write 5 Articles a Day

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Should I Quit Gaming Forever?

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Should I Leave School for a Relationship?

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Can You Kill a Jellyfish with Lava?

What is a Jellyfish Made of? Jellyfish are about 95% water as opposed to us humans featuring a meager 70% water body composition, those guys don’t even have brains, fascinating. They are JELLY The way that jellyfish moves into water is by squirting water out of it’s mouth, jellyfish does not have any muscles, so … Read more

Can a Book Stop a Bullet?

It All Depends How thic is the book, what kind of cover it features, even the quality of the pages, but tests were already made, and what we can say is that most books won’t be able to stop a bullet, even if It’s low caliber. A Book Could Stop a Tank Shot if It … Read more

Can a Duck Drown?

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