Can’t Follow my Own Schedule

Do You Lack Motivation? Are you a self motivated person? Often, it’s very difficult to follow a schedule, because in a nutshell, we are almost a different person when the time to execute comes. You will be much better off by accepting reality, setting the bar too high with various activities is often a way … Read more

I Hate Working 8 Hours a Day

8 Hours a Day Breaks a Man’s Way Working for 8 hours each day breaks a lot of people’s spirits, and we understand them, it surely ain’t easy to love a life where you spend half your life in a job you almost hate. Working 8 Hours a Day Can Be a Hassle Getting extremely … Read more

My Puppy is Waking Up at 4AM

Don’t Feed Him Too Early Before Sleep Having a puppy can be just like having a baby a lot of times, as they require caring, love, attention and commitment. If He Wakes Up Hungry it is Your Fault Let’s assume it is a lovely Saturday, you decide you’re going to hang out with your friends … Read more

What is a Manga Reader Called?

A Mangaka is a Manga Writer, But What is a Manga Reader? Well, you can scourge all over the web, but the real answer is that there doesn’t exist a specific name for a person who reads manga, but if you are looking to something that will fit the bill, we have plenty of options … Read more