Best Position to Read While Congested

A Position Where Snot Will Not Fall on Your Book

Well if you are a bookworm, we know you are going to read anyways, so why don’t we at least give you some tips so we can reduce the overall damage output heh?

If You Are Reading on A Paper Notebook

For the love of god, nothing can be worse than a big, gross droplet of snot fall into your book while reading, so for the love of god, follow these instructions:

1.Read on a table.

2.Don’t let the book directly beneath your nostrils, as that is playing ground for snot to realise it’s wildest dreams.

3. Enjoy a snot-free book for your reading session.

Where the Object of Reading Stays Matters More

As you can see, sometimes it is more a matter of where the object of reading is, not so much your body position, the only thing you need to do is place the book on a position where it is not directly below your nostrils and that is it.

The Position You Sit in Should Alleviate Symptoms

If you are going to read while congested, there are things you could do to at least help yourself a little bit, so perhaps some of the tips below can help alleviate the symptoms and make your reading a little bit more relaxing.

If You Are Reading Laying Down, Avoid Staying on One Side

When we are laying in bed, gravity now works against us, because it is not pushing the snot outside our nostrils anymore, and when we tilt our heads to a specific side of the bed while we are reading an e-book on our phones or tablets, It can very much cause a build up of snot on one side of the nostrils, making you feel very irritated and having to clean your nose all the time.

Avoid Tilting the Head Too Much Towards One Side

In this case, things are not so bad as if you were sleeping, because gravity is now working for you instead of against you, but even with this advantage, we all know that sometimes we slouch on our chairs or sofas and tilt our heads agressively, especially if we feel ill and our nose is snotty, we become so sluggish and unmotivated, but this can too cause a build up of snot and make matters worse

Make a Cup of Tea, but No Coffe While Reading

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A Cup of Coffe Can Makes Matters Worse

Some people actually have a relationship beetween a runny nose and coffe intake, some people are allergic to it, so you have to consider this option for yourself too.

Tea is Your Friend

Well, teas can help very much with this, as oposed to coffe, teas are your friend, you should look to consume teas that contain anti-inflammatory, so something like chamomile or ginger, that will most likely with your other symptons that accompany your runny nose

So yeah, make the tea but don’t drink it yet, just inhale as much steam as you can, that’s gonna help a lot with your runny nose and well being in general.

Read on a Tablet or Screen

Here you solve a bunch of problems, because you can read in pretty unorthodox positions while not damaging the reading material like it would happen with a book.

If You Have a Tablet, Use It

If a little bit of snot falls on your tablet, NO BIG DEAL, just take a little bit of toilet paper and rinse it, gone!

Reading on Your PC Screen is Even Better

Sit up straight, and do all the reading you want, wheter it be for a test, or something else, do not tilt your head, make a cup of very hot herbal tea and inhale the steam as much as you can, this way you are certainly heading for a very nice reading session regardless of a runny nose or not.

Carry Toilet Paper with You

I have been a lifelong runny nose person, this is snot hygiene 101, ALWAYS bring toilet paper with you.

Snot Will Fall, Whether You Like It or Not

You are on the subway, reading that nice novel you were waiting to pick up, you get on the meaty stuff of the book, you are happy, then…

A MASSIVE BLOB OF SNOT falls on your book.

Two pages of your book fuse together becoming one, and your metro reading session is ruined, you can avoid that by following rule #1 in this post

Never let a physical book right beneath your nostrils

Do Not Let a Droplet of Snot Ruin Your Day

It happens, sometimes it just happens, but in life we have to learn how to let go of stuff that won’t get us anywhere, isn’t it true?

Acceptance is one of the best ways to reduce suffering, because you will always feel pain, but all the suffering that comes with it is optional.

See a Doctor

If you have a chronically runny nose, then it might be the time to check with your doctor to see if something is out of order.

A Doctor Can Pinpoint the Cause of Your Snotty Nose

Doctors go through hell to become the knowleadge figures they are, so STOP PLAYING DOCTOR, you do not know what is wrong with you, all that you read until now is not addressing the cause, they are only ways to cope with the problem, not remove it completely.

You May Have a Deeper Problem that Needs Solving

What if you have a worse disease than you think, that is affecting your whole life quality and may be shortening many of your years to come, the thing is, you do not know, and while you remain stubborn you will never know, so just do it, check that with a doctor.

Stop Reading if you Get Headaches

Headaches happen for a lot of reasons, sometimes your head hurts just because you have been straining your eyes, or even been thinking too hard for too long.

Headaches Are a Sign of Your Body Telling You to Stop

Listen to your body, pain is an indicator that something might be wrong, if you have been reading for a long time without stopping, maybe you are pushing limits and your head needs to stop a little bit before digesting more information.

Your Eyes Might Be Strained

If you keep reading for many hours, your eyes will have to pay the price, the muscle around your eyes responsible for their movement will contract a lot, and those contractions can very well result in eye strain headache, so employ common sense and take your head out of the books from time to time.

Get Well and Stay Well

Take care of your body, you only got one, if your runny nose is a chronical condition, go get it checked as it can be pointing to a bigger issue

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