By the Yard is Hard, But Inch by Inch, Life It’s a Cinch

Why You Need to Start Small

Yes, we all want to start getting up at 5 AM every day, meditating shortly after, eating a perfect diet and working out five days a week consistently.

Trust me, that is not attainable, you cannot change your whole life in a day, your willpower is limited.

The Overnight Lifestyle Change Syndrome

Oh I suffered from this syndrome so many times it’s actually embarrassing…

Countless nights I have told to myself:

  • Hey tomorrow you’re going start a perfect diet, you’re going to lose the weight, you’re going to exercise and get that sweet at work out done. Also, it will not be a simple training, you are going to do Freeletics or P90X, one of those extreme mind-boggling workouts.

The next day?

I wouldn’t even wake up on time this is the famous overnight lifestyle change syndrome. With time I discovered that, I am not the same person when I wake up. At night I am actually forgiving myself the 40 errors of today and putting all that load onto my future morning self, that is simply unrealistic to work with.

One is the Answer

Every day I try to write five articles, that is a lot of work, about more than 5000 words. Depending on those articles, some days I might not have the guts to do it all. Those days are not wasted though.

One habit I created is that if cannot accomplish a big task, I tell myself;

– I am going to do one article and if I cannot do that that even that then;

– I am going to write one paragraph;

– One line;

– One word;

As soon as I start, the motivation comes in and I am able to more. Sometimes it’s not the full five articles. Occasionally I write just one article, but I am always inching forward however I can.

Repeat the Process

Repeat the process, the key here is one. One is good because it enables you to tackle a whole mountain of tasks, but you are only focus on the next one. in fact, all you should see are the next tasks. The future is not readily available to you and you cannot access the past.

You might have been procrastinating for a real long time right now, realize that you are not your past or your thoughts. When you have a future oriented mind you focus only on the next action and nothing else in your life matters, when you achieve this mindset you will be able to accomplish whatever task.

Big Changes Always Comes from Starting

This website was only created because I just started. At some point in time I have told myself:

I do not care if it fails. if it succeeds, I can all always be happy and glad I did it, but if it doesn’t work I can always look back and say:

  • Hey, I really tried my best, I poured my soul in this project.

That is something I can work with, that is how I want to live, not the other way around.

Compounding Your Results

The secret is that starting puts a fire beneath you. Of course you have to keep rekindling the fire from time to time or if it will you simply be wiped out.

When you start, however small, surely things will start happening. The wheels of fate are going to start working in your favor.

People Who Start Small Often End Up Big

Often times, people that start small end up big. Starting small is just a way of enabling yourself to take action. You can complain all you want but until you move your butt and do something, it is all wishful thinking and utterly a waste of time.

People Who Start Big Hardly Succeed

Some people start with a great vision of tomorrow. Everything is going to be perfect, but eventually they fail, and when they fail they fall hard.

Their very identity starts to crumble, they cannot trust themselves anymore and it takes a long time for them to get back up. Everyone gets back up but the time of which you can conquer your fear and start working again makes a tremendous impact on your results.

Pick Your Cornerstone Habit

Changing is hard. That is why you need to change something that matters.

Always pick something that would cause a butterfly effect, you need to pick the single most effective habits. In order to change your whole life, choose something that will ripple out in time. Some things that may better your future might be:

  • Starting an exercise routine or;
  • Changing your sleeping habits;
  • Starting a business;
  • Meditating;

You can pick something small like flossing, that will have a tremendous impact on your oral health if you start doing now. keep doing it, and 20 years from now you will thank me.

What Happens When the Obstacle is Too Big?

When we see a wall that is too overwhelming, we often lose hope. I am not saying you shouldn’t have big goals, but you shouldn’t put obstacles that are too much are above your current level, because that can be extremely discouraging.

Quit Your Dreams to Achieve Them

Quit your dreams.

I don’t really mean quit your dreams completely, just take a tiny version of it, something of which you can accomplish in a realistic timeframe. Something that will make you happy if you accomplish it, but is adorable and then set out to do it. Scale it down, keep your dreams but scale it down once you can act on it or it will stay entering forever.

Casting Votes for the Person You Want to Become

Whenever you do something whether it is toxic or positive it will compound. Essentially, it is a vote you are casting for the person you want to become. Your brain registered what you did and it will always stay more on the side of the usual, which is whatever you did more.

You need to start casting more votes for the person you want to become, so it is natural for your brain choose it when the time comes.

Get Rid of All or Nothing Mentality

This is something that strikes now a lot of people the perfect mindset has to eat the perfect diet I have to have a perfect exercise regimen perfect is hardly attainable they see done is better than perfect and most of the time it is because you got 80 a percent of the results with 20% of the effort focus on what matters is not focus on being perfect.

All or Nothing Mentality Strengthens Those “IDGAF” Moments

When we have an all or nothing mentality we end up wasting too much time. It is harmful, pretending that you were perfect and you are going to do everything right every single time.

Time itself will reveal the fragility of this mindset. When you commit a tiny mistake, you are going to want to give it up.

Remove the Negativism of Starting Small

If you choose to run today, that alone can change your life. Something as simple as starting can ignite the motivation. Just not set the bar too high or some days you are not going to meet it and eventually give up. Aim high but sets the bar low for what is acceptable. You can raise the bar later when you have improved.

Measure Your Results

When you leave things unmeasured, you are not going anywhere. I am sorry but this is the truth. Measuring is directly correlated with results, if you do not measure how will you even know if you are doing the right things?

What Gets Measured Gets Results

Try to do this experiment:

Get a goal to lose weight or gain weight, then set a simple discipline of weighing yourself every single day. Do not just weigh yourself, actually take it serious this time, make a nice excel spreadsheet with graphics and all that fancy stuff, then keep logging it every single day. You will notice that instantly, your motivation levels will be better than before.

Do Not Go Nuts with Tracking

Yeah I know I said to make an Excel spreadsheet and everything, but that is not nuts

You would only have to log your weight and maybe what you ate that day. That is not hard to do, you can that in as little as two or three minutes. You can even do that on your phone if you have an app that allows journaling. Do It, you do not have to believe me, just try it and you will see the results in no time.

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