Can a Book Stop a Bullet?

It All Depends

How thic is the book, what kind of cover it features, even the quality of the pages, but tests were already made, and what we can say is that most books won’t be able to stop a bullet, even if It’s low caliber.

A Book Could Stop a Tank Shot if It Were Thic and Big Enough

Given it has sufficient ammount of pages and size, a book can stop a bullet, period. The phrase to be aware of is a book, not every book, if you were to design a custom book that were thic and big enough, with enough mass it would eventually stop a bullet.

Different Caliber for Different Books

Of course, a shotgun is going to do more damage than a simple glock, but maybe the glock will have more penetrating power as all it’s explosiveness is concentrated in one single bullet.

How Thicc is the Book

So what are we talking about?

Is it the holy bible, a little sketch book or a hard cover enciclopedia that is the object of test, all of those factors will make a difference to the end result.

You Need a Thicc Book, Obviously

Could you stop a bullet with a single sheet of paper?

Duh, obviously you you will never achieve that result, unless Tony Stark made that sheet of paper.

How Many Pages to Stop a Bullet?

Now is the fun part, because now we are talking numbers, and that’s when It gets real.

But it also depends on the caliber, the distance of the shot, the gun, basically everything gets into account when making an estimation, but I would say that for a really low caliber gun you would need from 3000 to 5000 pages.

What Kind of Cover It Features?

Some books have no cover at all, others have a cover that is so thick, you could kill a bear with it, a good cover will go a long mile in making a bullet not go through.

If You Made the Book Yourself

Sometimes, a fuel emerges from within, a fire to make it all ourselves, so If you were trying to design the perfect book for this, then get it to be the thickest you can, with the hardest cover possible.

What’s the Most Resistent Book Cover?

If you look through etsy and those similar handcrafted items, you could even find a book with a steel cover, it all depends on how for do you want to go with this, maybe it’s totally worth for you to satisfy your curiosity if you made a kevlar book cover, but is it even legal?

Books Aren’t Kevlar Shields

Yeah, that’s pretty much self explanatory, don’t go around making bookvests and expecting to suddenly become Iron Man, because that’s not how it works at all.

They Don’t Use Books as Replacement for Kevlar Vests

People do not use books as replacement for kevlar vests, so please, if you are going to test if a book can hold a bullet, do not do this with a human behind it, for the love of god, do not play with a person’s life, including your own.

Don’t be Stupid

There is no excuse to test these trivial stuff at a real human, emply the good old common sense here and do not be an idiot.

How Lucky Would You Have to Be?

Well, the book would have to be at right spot for you to even have a change, so let us do real math in here, the average body surface area is around 1.8m², so with that taken into account, let’s take the average surface area of a book cover that is 0.0348m², and let’s say the book is on your chest and a bullet would hit you in a ramdom body part.

So the probabilities of the bullet hit the book is 0.0348m²/1.8m² = 1,93%

Now if you really know that your book can hold a bullet, that is the chance of the book protecting you.

Can a Regular Bible Book Stop a Bullet?

If your bible is tremendously thicc it may be able to stop a 9mm caliber, but any higher than this is a pure waste of time.


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