Can Blankets Raise Your Temperature

Being Under Blankets Will Raise Your Temperature?

Do you find yourself all smothered up in blanckets at night?

Because your body has very particular mechanisms of self defense, I do not believe that anyone has died of being under too many blanckets yet, but I think it would be possible in theory.

Blankets Will Insulate Your Body

The truth is that being under a thick enough blancket will cause insulation, meaning that heat will not leave that confined space, causing your body temperature to rise.

You are 3 Degrees Away from Death

Did you know that we are only 3 degrees away from death on the hotter side?

Our bodies are fantastic machines at fine tuning the different temperature coping mechanisms in order to keep us stable. However, if we somehow bypass those mechanisms and rise only 3 degrees celsius in internal temperature, our health can be severely impacted.

Can I Give Myself a Fever from Using Too Many Blankets?

What you need to know, is that fever is only a tool our body uses to kill bacteria and viruses by trying to overheat them.

You Would Overheat Yourself in Extreme Cases

The truth is that you would overheat only when using multiple thick blanckets, covering every gap possible and being there for an extend period of time.

Hyperthermia Would be the Correct Term

The correct term would be hyperthermia, which is an increased body temperature caused by external factors, unlike a fever that is just a body tool to eliminate unwanted intruders.

Homeostasis Will Work Even Under Blankets

Homeostasis is a terrific mechanism that allows us to remain stable at all major systems of the body, be it temperature, blood pressure or even breathing.

Internal Body Tempearature Will Likely Stay the Same

Unless you are very hardcore with your blancket stunt at trying to raise body temperature, internal body temperature is hard to change. That is because your body will engage in homeostasis and will either sweat, shiver or use more stored energy to keep the temperature stable.

Sweating is Our Main Cooldown Mechanism

What is more likely to happen is vigorous sweating, to maintain body temp, you will start sweating, even though you would feel discomfortable from the excess heat, your core body temperature will probably remain unphased.

Make an Under Blanket Experiment

The best way to arrive at an answer is throgh experimenting, because information only becomes knowledge when that information is applied and tinkered with.

Cover Yourself with 2 Blankets for Some Time

First, you will need a thermometer. Make a simple but safe experiment, cover yourself with 2 blanckets for 30 minutes, try to cover the gaps so you are as insulated as possible, do it within reason, if you feel bad, get out immediately.

Check Yourself with a Thermometer

After you cover yourself and have already waited the thirty minutes, it time to check yourself again with a thermometer, just put it below your armpits and check the temperature again, if your temperature has gone up, there is your true answer.

We Can Deal with Lots of Cold

Our body is a lot better at dealing with cold temperatures, that is because our body is more efficient at producing heat than reducing it, shivering and expending more energy are common ways of the body tools to rise its temperature.

Shivering is Another Homeostasis Mechanism

Every warm blooded animal, just like us humans, are capable of of shivering. This is a tool of the homeostasis to maintain balance. We start shaking like crazy to create warmth by using energy.

Cold Showers Have Lots of Benefits

Cold showers are gaining more popularity day by day because of the enourmous gamma of benefits they offer. They are good for the skin, a great way to reset your mood and urges, people say that cold showers even promote fat loss and increased self control.

When a Person Gets Hot They Just Move the Blanket

It is normal for a person feeling discomfort to do something about it, a blancket is not dangerous because just one blancket is not enough to cause insulation. Also, when we feel a little discomfort we only move the blancket and the problem is automatically solved.

If We Couldn’t Move the Blanket We Could Die

Maybe with enough time and stillness by a person covered with too many thick blanckets could be fatal. But in reality being killed by a blancket because of its insulating capabilities is very unlikely. Just look around you and the data the world provides, how many cases of people getting killed by blanckets do you see?

Stop sweating the small stuff and live life to the fullest.

 Always Treat the Body with Care  

Always treat your body with care, because it will slap you in your face if you start neglecting it. Our bodies are not perfect with homeostasis, the human limits on this side are very delicate. There are cases of young healthy people that die of hyperthermia because they ignored their body signs. Always listen to what your body is trying to say.

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