Can the Feathers From a Pillow Cause You Acne?

Can a Feather Pillow Really Cause You Acne?

Well, feathers are known allergens to some people, so the answer is yes, feather pillows can cause acne depending on several factors. If you’ve recently switched to feather pillows, down pillows or even duvets, and find that your acne increased, feathers may be to blame.

Also, for many individuals with allergies and/or asthma, feather-filled pillows can be a serious health risk.

Reasearch says that some feather items emitted millions of respirable feather fragments. Older feather items, particularly pillows, can be severely infested with dust mites.

What is a Feather Pillow?

When making feather pillows, the materials are taken from the backs and wings of animals. It is conceivable that every feather has a quill, so over time, the thin cushion can be pierced by the feather quills

How Can you Solve the Feather Pillow Piercing Problem?

You can use thicker pillowcases to protect yourself and reduce the piercing. The feather type of fill is generally used in combination with down to soften it.

Where Does the Feathers Come From ?

About 70% of the world’s supply comes from China, usually from birds that have died to become meat. Plucking live birds can cause great pain and distress to birds.

How is the Extraction Process in Birds Like ?

Once their feathers were torn, many birds become paralyzed by fear and are left with large injuries and some even die as a result of the process.

From What Down Pillows Are Made From?

They are made from tufts of down extracted from the breasts of goose, swan or duck.

Down brands are considered very luxurious and often have a high price.

What Feather Down Pillows Look Like?

They look like fluffy white dandelions that kids (and adults) blow to make a wish. Another way to think about fillings is to look at them like cotton balls – down pillows are packed with duck or goose down instead of duck or goose down.

Can Duvets Cause Acne ?

A duvet is like a soft flat bag, they are stuffed with down or down alternative, and as you have already read, they can contain all sorts of stuff that can bring up your acne.

So the solution here is that you can go with hypoallergenic alternatives, the alternatives to down duvets are even less expensive than normal down and will give you the same feel.

There can be traces of dust even after washing in natural down, triggering allergic reactions in some people. Down alternatives are hypoallergenic, giving the same comfort but being easy on the skin. Silk can be a good option for those looking for a hypoallergenic duvet.

How to Take Care of Your Pillows So You Reduce the Breakouts of Acne?

Fabric softeners coat fabrics and cause them to pick up dirt/bacteria a lot more quickly. The best bet is to use a non-scented detergent and no fabric softener on your sheets if they’re causing you to break out.

Also, you should change your pillowcase at least once per week since it stores bacteria and dead skin cells.

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