Can I Learn to Skate If I Am Fat?

Get Gear that is Compatible with Your Weight

Skating will not be as easy for a larger person, safety measures should be respected thoroughly for a heavy skater to enjoy a good ride without injury.

Larger Deck for Better Board Strenght

A larger deck can go a long way in making you feel safer while skating. Depending on your size you could need an 8.1 or 8.3 deck.

The trick here is to try a lot of different decks at your local skate shop.

Experiment with Different Skating Wheels

While the skating deck is more of a safety matter, the skate wheels comes more down to preference. Narrower wheels can give you more stabilty while skating, jammers may want taller wheels for speed.

Again, just like the deck, experimentation is key on finding something worth your money in this stage of the process.

Who Cares if You Are Overweight?!!!

Trust me, as you get older you will realise that nobody gives a flying shmuck about your weight. But even if they do, you cannot know, stop sweating the small things and go do what you want. When you get older you will still want to do it, but your energy and drive might be so low that you will give up your dream altogether.

Everyone is Too Busy Worrying About Themselves

People worry a lot, but only about themselves. Just use yourself as reference, how critic of others are you?

Not nearly as critic when measuring against yourself.

You can absolutely learn to become a good skater if your weight is within a range that still allows for good mobility and safety.

Be Ashamed of Not Being Courageous Enough

This is a chance for you, right now. Courage is acting in the face of fear; everybody wants to be the captain of the ship when the weather is calm.

Exercise is an excelent form of exercise. A caveat here to avoid is looking at skating as a form of exercise. Even though skating is exercising, pick up the sport looking to have fun, exercising will be just a consequence.

Be Extra Careful with Your Knees

Weight can be lost, health can be regained, but your joints…

Always take good care of joints and ligaments, because injury in these types of body parts can get you out of skating really quick.

Do Not Put Extra Impact on Your Knees

Now that you have got the gear and fear sorted out, it is time to become aware of the dangers you will face skating while being fat.

As a general rule of thumb, do not jump on anything you would not jump without a board.

Try the miniramp and work on transitions, it can be fun and light on your knees.

Skateboarding While Being Fat is Ok, But Injuries Are Not

Some people get lifelong injuries as a result of skateboarding, injuries take plenty of time to heal and can demotivate a person really fast. Always use common sense and take your weight in consideration when skating.

Accept that is Going to Be Harder for You

Being fat puts an extra strain on your body, that along with sedentarism can make any sport seem like torture. Not all is lost though, you can always take another step forward, one day at a time.

Acceptance May Be Exactly What You Need

Try not to get mad with life. As I am writing this article in 2021, along with the COVID-19 pandemic came lots of other problems. Things like college got much worse, and my health in general is perishing.

Staying at home was very detrimental to my health. Do not get the wrong idea, I take full responsibility for slacking off. As a result of my subpar self discipline, I have gained 13 Kg, making me the fattest I have ever been in my entire life.

I am working on shedding the pounds off again now, but beating myself up was not the answer to gather the strenght to fight sedentarism. The truth is that accepting what happened and finding a way forward is boring, but the best course of action you can take.

The Story is Always Better When the Beginning is the Worst

Nobody likes a story where the hero never struggles…

Even one punch man, a story where the main character is super overpowered and beats every single enemy with a punch, even this guys faces adversity. The obstacle is the way to success, remember that.

A fall for a heavy person is exponentially worse than it is for a lighter one. Do not let this discourage you, every sport has risks, just use the safety gear and operate within your limits.

Try to Shed Some Pounds as You Skate

When you start skating, progressing in your skills will keep you motivated, the problem is that being too fat will limit your potential with the tricks. With that in mind, try to lose some weight little by little.

Use Your Newfound Desire to Motivate You

Now that you found a new fire within you, couple it with a diet or some form of weight loss program. Use that fire to kickstart a new phase in your life.

 Everything Will Be Easier as You Get Slimmer

Slimmer people can get lighter and slimemr decks, which will allow for cooler tricks. Just that reason alone is good enough to atleast put some effort in losing some pounds.

You Are Not the First One

A lot of heavy dudes and dudettes have been afraid of skating because they were overweight, some of them did anyway, others failed. Which one do you want to be?

Have Fun Skating

Do not stress so much about complicated tricks and advanced moves. Keep focusing on that basics. The most important thing is having fun, enjoying the day no matter what. I bet that you will meet tons of cool people with this mindset. Who knows, you could even find your love if luck is on your side.

Skating is a Very Diverse Sport

You will find every type of people on a skating park, including heavy ones. Realise today that everyone struggles with self image and ego, but they summon the courage to make their day worth it, because this minute right now will never comeback.

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