Can I Live in Brazil Without Speaking Portuguese?

You Can Live a Very Good Life in Brazil Without Speaking Portuguese

If you live on any country that pays in dollars or a coin that is much higher than brazillian real, then you can retire living a very nice life here on brazil.

I am a native brazillian, so I can say from experience that if you now basic english, you can easily find someone to help you with basic things here in Brazil.

It Would Be Very Nice if You Speak Atleast English Though

While I do not know where you might be coming from, english would be the bare minimum to establish a level of communication with people. Of course that overtime you become accostumed with Brazillian Portugues and will even start to pickup our slangs.

Just keep in mind that Brazillian Portuguese is kind of hard to learn as there about 3 times the amount of words that exist in the english dictionary.

The Majority of Brazilians Know Basic English Vocabulary

While not everyone here knows perfect english, english is an obligatory subject in schools all over Brazil, so even though we might not be fluent, If you know your english, talking to us will be a lot easier.

Brazilian Dishes Will Take You to Heaven

One thing I would not give up for any other country around the world is Brazillian cuisine. Brazillian dishes are right on the spot with spices, protein to carbs ratio and flavor

Brazillian Cuisine Will Make You Love This Place

Brazillians love to cook food in large batches. The majority of people in here work jobs with lenghty commute times, that makes cooking everyday a hassle. So we always prepare food in large quantities.

Brazillian barbecue is the best, our ways of grilling the food and techniques are superb. Brazillian feijoada, Brazillian chicken balls, Brazillian pastel and pizzas are the best.

Very Strong Spices and Lots of Variety

We like to add that special flavours to our food with lots of different herbs and spices, we eat rice and beans for lunch and dinner almost everyday. There is something here we call “mistura”, that part of the dishes are the meaty ones, that is what changes the most, so you will find great varieties of “misturas” in here.

Life Cost in Brazil Will Turn You into a Millionaire

A person can live a comfortable life in brazil, with living expenses, food, eating out, shopping and comfort for about 5000 brazillian reals, because the dollar is averaging about 5,50 brazillian reals, then you with a minium wage of saving you could live here easily

You Are Essentially Rich if You Have Some Dollar Savings

Image being a software engineer, a doctor, a lawer, making more than six figures each year. This is actually the dream, because in less than 3 years, if you were to live in brazil you could be a millionaire.

Live Off Interest and Never Work a Day

By having about two hundred thousand dollars in savings, you are essentially a millionaire in brazil. That is not cheap money also, you can retire easily on this amount. Remember the 5000 brazillian reals I have told you about?

Well, living on only 5% interest per year on a 1 million brazillian reals account, you would achieve the five thousand brazillian reals required to live a good life in here.

People Are Very Warm and Receptive in Brazil

While brazil is not the safest of places to live in, atleast people are very receptive here. We are a country that likes to hug and engage in human contact a lot more than other places.

Expect Lots of Hugs and Kisses

In brazil, the normal way to greet chicks is with a kiss on their cheeks. For men, it is a hearty shake of hands

Brazilian People Tend to Be Very Receptive  

Brazillian people love to receive visits, make reunions and play sports in general. I am pretty sure that you would find an infinite supply of activities to do, and boredom would never reach your door.

One of the Prettiest Places in the World is Brazil

Not to mention that with all this, you would have some of the prettiest landscapes around the world. Brazil is a country that is full of nature and forests, featuring incredibly rich bioma and fauna.

Some of the Best Beaches in the World are in Brazil

There are lots of beaches here in brazil, it is argued that brazillian beaches are the best in the whole world. Over the top of my head I could mention Arraial do Cabo in Rio de Janeiro and almost all beaches in Ilha Bela, Sao Paulo.

Lots of Places with Overwhelming Untouched Nature

There are wonderfull watterfalls here, lots of farms and the organic produce here is outstanding, meaning you could eat a lot healthier while paying a lower price that you ever would in other countries.

You Will Learn Brazilian Portuguese Very Fast

You can be as introverted as you want, but you will have to talk to people after a while, we are very receptive with foreigners in general, so do not be shy to ask for help when learning portuguese

Take Brazillian Portuguese Classes to Get Along Faster with Brazilians

As I already mentioned, living in Brazil is very cost effective, so fitting brazillian portuguese classes in your budget would be tremendously beneficial to your overall experience staying in Brazil.

Start Practicing on the Best Training Ground … Brazil

Set your foot here, experience a different life than what you are used too and use the best training grounds possible, Brazil itself. By talking with native brazillian speakers daily, you will be immersed in our culture. By taking enough action, I am pretty sure you will be self suficient in no time.

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