Can I Run with One Lung?

It is Very Possible to Run with One Lung

Even though a situation like this is unlikely to happen, sometimes life is what it is and we end up with half a lung. When we are faced with such adversity, our very core is often freightened about our limitations.

Manage Your Expectations

Yes, it is indeed possible to run with only one lung, but it is important to keep aware that now your oxygen intake capacity has been severely decreased. Your one lung should be capable of doing its job of maintaining you alive while doing normal activities, but one should be especially careful when performing vigorous exercise.

Start with a Walk and Evolve from There

Unless you somehow were born with one lung, it is very possible that your body has been through a severe trauma, and that should be dealt with care.

When going back to physical training, start as small as you can, give your lung time to adapt. There are people that can become even distance runners using one lung, what matters in the end is how optimized and healthy your one lung really is.

Humans Are Overbuilt for Breathing

As opposed to what many people think, humans are overengineered in lung terms. We do not even use all the oxygen we inhale, and that means that there is much room for your one lung to optimize.

You Can Live a Very Normal Life with One Lung

While it is true that people with only one lung will experience shortness of breath sooner than a normal person, that does not necessarily mean that an individual with one lung can’t share the same quality of life. Our bodies are incredibly adaptive machines, do not wallow yourself in self pity, always work with what you have.

If you still have the opportunity to be alive and breathe, be grateful for it.

We Only Absorb Less Than Half of the Oxygen We Inhale

Did you know that we absorb less than half the oxygen we inhale?

That is just nuts, but that is also good news, because now that you have got a missing lung, you only get about half as much oxygen when you inhale. That only means that you will get breathless sooner.

With careful and consistency exercise we can develop our one lung breathing capacity, so do not worry so much, focus on improving.

You Can Thrive on One Lung

Okay, now that you understand the situation better, how far can you strive to go with a missing lung?

Some People Run Marathons with Just One Lung

You are not the first person on earth to live with only one lung. There are people that run marathons, triathlons and have demanding jobs and they also only live on one lung. So be like a normal person, just accept and be aware of the fact that you will probably not be an olympic athlete.

Having One Less Lung is Not What Will Hold You Down in Life

I always like to think that the past does not matter, because we have no access to it, having a future oriented mind means that we are working for our future selves. But the truth is that the human mind was made to live 24 hours, and that should be your focus.

Always focus on maintaining a growth mindset, do not settle for mediocrity when you can go the extra mile and make progress.

Set running goals, listen and respect your body, worry about today, because you cannot change the past or live in the future.

Live Healthy so Your Lung is More Efficient

The best you can do to increase your chances of living an optimal life with one lung is to nail down the fundamentals, stuff like diet, exercise and sleep.

Be as Physically Healthy as You Can

Running is a fantastic exercise to better optimize your oxygen intake and cardiovascular health in general, so do not be shy and set your running goals.

Having goals when running will keep you motivated, but do not strive for astounding performance, aim for consistency instead, always be happy to finish a running session. Always remember that a consistent action oriented person with one lung will run circles against a sedentary person even if they feature two lungs.

Engage in Cardiovascular Activities

Running will make your fantastic and that is good, because blood carries oxygen to every body part, we should definitely focus on making our bodies as efficient as possible regarding our heart’s health.

The Body is Fantastic at Adapting

With enough discipline and time on your back, I have faith that you will eventually be able to outrun a seasoned runner or atleast be at par with him.

With Enough Effort You Can Be Even More Healthy Than a Regular Person

Double down on dieting, eat the recommended amount of protein per body pound, lean meats, lots of vegetables and healthy oils. Wheter you like or not, you have a little disadvantage over regular people, if you want to live long and healthy, give your body an edge and feed it what it needs to run optimally.

Eventually Your One Lung Will Catchup

There will be a time where you will not even think about how you only have one lung if you view things in a positive way and recover properly.

You one lung will catchup and improve overtime, just keep improving and living life the best way you can.

Enjoy Life Today No Matter What Happened

Missfortune strikes our lives with astounding force sometimes, but there is no other option than taking the hit and keep moving forward. Always keep in mind that hero’s story always comes with a struggle in the beginning.

Of Course Having 1 Lung Have its Downsides

There is no utility in ignoring the facts, yes, you have part of an organ missing, and that will have an impact on your body, but many people live in far worse conditions, the question here is wheter you will accept what happened or be broken for it.

Be Grateful for this Very Moment

This moment here right now as it is happening is magical because you will never get it back, your siblings are getting older, and somebody is dying while another person is being born, life is happening. Humans have more of a predisposition towards focusing on the negative in life, but that can be corrected with awareness.

Become aware of the gifts life is giving right this moment, no matter how small, there is always something to cherish, even your one lung.

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