Can My Computer Screen Make Me Blind?

You Are Not Going to Get Blind from Looking at a Computer Screen is the Short Answer

Stop believing these myths around the internet saying that your vision will start to deteriorate because of computer or phone screens. Humankind eye vision has and always will deteriorate naturally with aging.

Look Around You

When you look around the web, you can see multiple individuals making questions like…

  • How long would I have to stare at a computer to become blind?
  • Is it possible to become blind by looking at a computer screen too much?
  • Will my computer screen make me blind overtime?


Always remember to see the world in an objective way and then think critically about the matter.

Go someplace where there are people, now look at them, are they blind?

With this answer your doubts will be ERASED.

Computer Screens Makes You “Think” Your Vision is getting Worse

Some people will preach that the computer screen is making them blind but that is not the case at all, the truth is that they are under an illusion.

When we spend too much time in front of a computer screen, our blink rate naturally drops and that contributes to developing dry eyes. When the conjuctiva layer is dry, our vision becomes blurry.

Then people make the assumption that:

Computer screen = vision deterioration (WRONG)

Computer Vision Syndrome is Caused by Computer Screen Overusage

There is a syndrome that could be caused by extreme computer usage overtime, and that is the computer vision syndrome.

CVS is a Form of Repetitive Stress Injury

Yes, computer vision syndrome is real and we could make analogous to repetitive stress injury.

Computer vision syndrome happens because we have move the eyes back and forth lots and lots of time, this in turn makes the muscle that moves the eyes tired. If you combined this eye muscle tiredness with the eye dryness which caused a blurry vision, you can feel terrible. Good new though, all of that can be prevented by looking away from your computer every 20 minutes or so.

The Effects of Computer Vision Syndrome

How to know if you are having a digital eye strain right now?

Well the thing that tend to give out many diseases are their symptoms, so let’s take a peek and see if you are experiencing one or more of these:

  • Blurred vision
  • Eye redness
  • Dry eyes
  • Eye fatigue and discomfort

If one or more of those are happening, maybe taking a little break from the computer might be a great decision to make.

Best Practices to Reduce Eye Straining from Staring at a Computer Screen

You know now that looking at a computer screen will NOT make you blind, that can happen from a lot of different causes, but not from looking at a computer screen. But what you still do not know is how to reduce eye strain and prevent discomfort.

Take a Break in Regular Periods

I always work in 25-minute time frames, using the pomodoro technique, I really work the time I work, and I really rest in my 5-minute break. Using this technique has been a gift in preventing burnout from writing and it is also giving me a good regular spaced interval to rest the eyes.

Adjust Your Desktop Monitor Position  

The position that your monitor sits in plays an important role in eye discomfort, because depending on the distance and the angle of your eyes, they could get strained. The ideal distance is something between 20 to 28 inches. Also you should adjust the monitor at a position that produces minimal glare, as glare makes your eyes work harder.

Nearsightedness “Might” Get Worse with PC Screen Constant Staring

If you sit extremely close to a computer screen and stare at it for hours on end, then in that specific case you may develop nearsightedness.

There is not Supported Evidence that PC Screen does this

Join any antigaming or antisurfing subreddit, what you will see happening there is people spending 10-15 hours glued to their computer screen, not for days or months, but for decades. I have yet to see any of them complaining about a vision problem. The problem they report the most is regret, regret of spending so much time in front of a screen without making any real world progress for it, but that is a question for another day.

Maybe it Was Just a Myth to Keep Kids Away from Glueing Their Eyes on the TV

That truly happened, my mom used to tell me this

“Drew, stop watching so much tv or you will develop vision problems!”

While I knew that at the time she was only doing this for my best interest, that was not true. The real problem is developing a sedentary and screen dependency problem.

Long Hours of Staring at a Computer Screen Has Indirect Effects

Unfortunately, the world is not perfect and your eyes can cause problems in other areas when you subject them to a humongous screen time.

Migraines and Headaches

As we discussed earlier in this article, overuse of computer screens can lead to dry eyes and eye straining. Any of those could trigger migraines, headaches and discomfort around the eyes

Eye Dryness and Red Eyes

I used to be an addicted player of a game called League of Legends, while I do not believe it impacted my vision in any significant way I could notice, for many days in a row my eyes became really red from 12 hours of playing nonstop and that was causing severe discomfort.

Not Vision Problems, but Sedentary Lifestyle

Staying in front of the computer all day is harmful for your health. Believe this, rates of sedentary people around skyrocketed as more and more computer centered jobs emerged around the world.

Odds Are that You Are More Out of Shape than You Realize

It takes an enormous amount of discipline to override your natural instincts of energy preservation. Sadly, I am right now in the worst shape of my life, a 10kg weight gain has made me slower and less proactive in general. While I take full responsibility for this, working from a computer made this situation more likely.

A Suboptimal Life

Living your whole life in front of a computer is certainly not what nature has intended for you, some people argue that the only reason that the brain even exist is to make the body move.

Staying sedentary has been found to be a common denominator for almost every major disease and things gets even worse as you age.

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