Can My Hand Fall Off?

#DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, take this advice at your own responsability.

Your Limbs Will Not Fall Off Naturally if Nothing is Wrong

Trust me, if you ever find yourself in a situation where your limb falls off, your body will show some signals first.

Obviously Your Limb Will Not Disappear Out of Thin Air

Unless you are dating a sadistic torturer. There is no chance of your limb disappearing out of nothing. Our limbs have lots of ligaments, bones and joints. The only case of which these intimately connected parts can disappear is either through amputation surgery or if a freak sedated you without consent and did it.

Severe Medical Conditions May Cause Some Limb to Fall Off Overtime

Gangrene is a severe medical problem that stems from a drastically impacted blood circulation, causing limbs to become necrotic and fall off. But this would only happen over a longer timeframe.

Gangrene Can Make Limbs Fall Off

A limb will not fall off unless specific criteria is met. For a limb to fall off naturally, blood circulation has to be halted to extreme levels.

Gangrene is the death of Body Tissue

Many people are terrified about gangrene, because once gangrene has settled in, it means death of that body tissue. This fearsome disease is more common to appear on legs and arms, particularly toes and fingers.

Bacterial Infection Could Cause Gangrene and a Limb to Fall Off

A compromised blood supply will inevitably cause acidosis, which will then lead to excruciating pain. When a nerve is pinched it will cause numbness and pain sometimes, so you could use this as a sort of anecdote.

Will My Limbs Fall Off While I Sleep?

Unless you have gangrene or some other rare disease that is on an advanced stage, then it will not happen.

You Pinched a Nerve While Sleeping

The thing that you might be questioning youserlf is if you wake up with a numb limb or something like that, does it have the possibilty to cause a limb to fall off?

The answer to that is a plain and simple no. While this is all theorethical, the acidosis and pain would wake you up. Your body is not stupid; Our bodies will always try to save as much tissue as they can before be giving up.

Also, the numbness you feel is most likely not a blood circulation shortage, it is actually a nerve compression which leads to a disconnection between the nerve terminals and your brain, causing a numb sensation.

If Somehow You Manage to Block Bloodflow You May Be in Trouble

If you happen to magically collapse for more than 30 hours or so, and you were severing the blood flow of an artery to a limb, then you might be impairing oxygen, therefore potentially triggering a gangrene, which can cause permanent damage, as you already know.

How Much Can a Muscle Endure Before Amputation

To follow up on the previous topic, how much of an oxygen depletion can a muscle endure before it starts dying?

What is an Ischemic Injury?

Ischemic injury happens when there is not enough blood flow in a given body tissue. Hypoxia, which is the lack of oxygen in tissues is deeply associated with it.

If you leave a muscle ischemic for more than 6 hours, it is very possible that amputation might be needed. Torniquets use the same mechanism of imparing blood flow.

Hypoxia and its Complications

Hypoxia is caused by hypoxemia (low levels of oxygen in the blood), people use the term hypoxia and hypoxemia interchangeably

How Much Time Can Your Limb Survive a Torniquet Before It Falls Off?

Well, a torniquet firmly placed will shorten the blood flow to the limb, while it might save the person’s life from losing too much blood, will it save that person’s limb?

What is the Safe Timespan of a Limb if its Bloodflow Has Been Cut?

Some soldiers have reported staying with the torniquet for 48 hours and not suffer permanent damage, while this is an extreme case, it is possible. The general rule of thumb though is about 2 hours, within this timeframe, your limb is still safe.

Ischemic Limbs Will Turn Necrotic Overtime and May Fall Off

Now that we talked about gangrene and ischemia, we can talk about the deadlier of all for your limbs, which is necrosis. Necrosis is irreversible damage to cells, so you might save a limb by removing the necrotic cells, but if they took too much of the limb…

Amputation might be the only way out.

Can Saturday Night Palsy Cause Your Limb to Fall Off?

Saturday Night Palsy is associated with drinking too much. That may numb our pain to the point we do not wake up from sleep if something is wrong with our bodies.

Saturday Night Palsy and Limbs Falling Off

Saturday night palsy is only a neweve compression that goes unoticed because of excessive alcohol use. We already discussed the case of severing a limb blood flow for extended periods of time and its complications, so a Saturday night palsy may cause problems

Saturday Night Palsy and Dave Mustaine of the Megadeth Band

You might not know, but dave mustaine of the band megadeth has passed out drunk, his arm was over a chair, this severed the blood flow to the limb and cause temporary damage, in the form of drastically impairing his mobility when the palm of his hand was facing forward.

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