Can You Kill a Jellyfish with Lava?

What is a Jellyfish Made of?

Jellyfish are about 95% water as opposed to us humans featuring a meager 70% water body composition, those guys don’t even have brains, fascinating.

They are JELLY

The way that jellyfish moves into water is by squirting water out of it’s mouth, jellyfish does not have any muscles, so their entire body just go with the water as it is pushed by the water pressure from the mouth.

A Bunch of Skin

Jelly fishes are made of 3 parts, and two of them are skin, those are the outer skin, which contains their nerve net and the inner skin layer called gastrodermis, where digestion occurs.

Jellyfish Have Superb Regenerative Powers

Jellyfish are not normal creatures. Jellyfish are capable of doing things with their bodies that we couldn’t even fathom in our wildest dreams.

A Jellyfish Can Regrow BODY PARTS

Let’s say you are an evil madman and somehow you got to rip off all the tentacles of every single jellyfish on earth. Congratulations, you might aswell try to dry ice by wiping it everyday, or keep counting stars. Your effort was meaningless, their legs are going to pop up just like an overpowered shonen villain, but slower.

Incredible Cellular Mechanisms

Jellyfishes are capable of producing daughters that are identical to their original ones, a jellyfish will change its size, shape of tentacles and body by gauging how much food is available on the environment.

How Hot Is Lava?

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It is HOT

The temperature of a Lava flow ranges from 700 to 1250 degrees Celsius, that is insane.

It Can Melt Even Parts of Rocks

Lava is so hot that it can even melt rocks that are too little or part of big ones, then those pieces of rock will begin to emerge on the lava surface. Those molten rocks are the famous magma.

Putting it All Together

So what is the final verdict about this matter?

Lava Can Kill a Jellyfish, But Only If You do It Right

Yes, lava can absolutely kill a jellyfish, but not all types of jellyfish are equal, and sometimes leaving a little piece of a jellyfish unburned to ashes will enable it to regenerate itself

You Probably Won’t Be Able to do it with Lava

What are the odds of a normal person hitting a jellyfish with lava inside the ocean?

Also, some jellyfish live very deep and lava is not even going to make a hit.

If you somehow transport a bunch of lava while maintaining its peak temperature, and at the same time put the jellyfish on a container and fill that with said lava, then it’s certain death for our buddy.

Should You Kill a Jellyfish with Lava?

Jellyfishes are just trying to survive, a normal jellyfish is not evil, it ain’t going to sting you with its cnidae unless you go touch it.

I Can’t Think of a Good Reason to Do it

Why should you kill an animal with a nerve net that is beautiful and is not out to get you?

That seems simply evil.

Jellyfishes Are Dangerous

Some species of jelly fish like the moon and portuguese have fatal stings, so for whatever reason you face one, swim away

Does a Jellyfish Feel Pain?

We humans actually don’t have enough data to conclude whether they do or don’t feel pain, but we have a solid understanding that jellyfish feel something

Scientists Haven’t Found Out Yet, Even Though They Are Brainless

Scientists do not have very thorough data on jellyfish, and this is an area which needs improvement. Because they have no brain, much has been discussed about them not feeling pain, but that may not be the case.

They Feel Something

Jellyfishes have something, because they react to danger, and food. If a jellyfish knows it is on a harmful place it will react

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