Can You Meditate for Someone Else?

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While many people believe that humans can connect with each other and send energy to others, meditating for someone else will hardly improve the life of that individual.

Using Meditation as a Prayer Can Be Helpful

Prayer can be viewed as a form of meditation, but as I do not have a very religious bias, my opinion may differ from yours. Just my two cents here, but for me the act of meditation for others is not efficient at helping others, that time could be better spent by directly doing something about the problem. You can and always have the opportunity to help somebody.

Meditation is Not Meant to Be Used Towards Others

Meditation is the practice of experience the now, to become one with everything and nothing at the same time. Using meditation towards others may help one person the most, yourself. As you get more empathy for somebody else’s problem. That can turn you in a more caring person, someone who pays attention to the struggles of others without a negative voice.

The “Placebos” Effects of Meditating for Someone Else

Meditating for someone else may give you placebo effects that have the potential to help anybody, including you.

You May Act in Accordance with Your Prayer

While you are wishing that someone gets out of a struggle and overcome a problem, you get to understand their pain better. Just understanding the pain of another human in a more meaningful way can greatly impact your life with results. Business, for example, is exactly addressing other people’s problems by giving them some sort of solution.

It Can Boost Your Sense of Empathy Towards Others

Nobody stands an arrogant person, and I am with them, a person that is too self centered will never get a true friendship or a good romantic relationship. Being too self centered is a blockage to the path of connecting to another human being.

Empathy on the other hand will make you more peaceful. When someone gets angry with you, your ego will not be atacked, you will try to understand why they are letting their anger get out of control. You will breathe.

Meditate for Someone Else in a Different Way

What if meditate for answers?

Try to let your mind come up with ways to solve the problem, understand the person better and their motivations, become one with who you want to help.

Meditate to Become Better so that Someone Else Will Benefit from the Improved You

Meditation by itself has a good chance of greatly improve your character. A lot of studies confirm that meditation raises self discipline. You know what self discipline can do for you, basically anything.

You can resist the urge to let your sadness flow into another person’s life by becoming aware of your actions. It is possible to overcome the urges that were making you sad in the first place, making you a more playful individual to be around.

Use Meditation for Increasing Self-Control and Empathy from Meditation

A meditator’s empathy is another good point that researchers often find in seasoned meditators. Overtime, the brain of a meditator increases its gray matters in areas linked to both empathy and self discipline, so I am not talking about something that is all in your mind, it is in your very gray matter.

Meditation is Directly Useless Towards Others

No, I do not believe that some sort of deity will lend its hand to that person because you were praying for her, if that is what you were thinking.

It is Indirectly Good Over the Long Haul

There is a chance that if you are good friends with that person, then you might help him as a result of a meditation, because of all the benefits we have already discussed in here.

Do Not Confuse Prayer with Meditation

Religious prayer is essentialy trying to connect with a higher being by concentrating your thoughts upon a subject, often trying to bargain with said deity or ask something that is needed in someone’s life.

Freeing Yourself with Meditation Transforms Other People

You now know that meditation is linked with great positive traits in personality and it has the potential to turn you into a better human being overal, but the real question is how all of that is going to help other people?

A Greater Sense of Well Being and Child Like Joy

By being more controlled, organized and calm, people are going to start to sense your sense of well being, your whole presence will emanate this vibe wherever you go. Many veteran meditators report recovering that child like joy. I bet this is the type of person people will want to hang out with.

Emotional Control and Stability Will Inspire Change

Do you have somebody in your life that you hate being around but has to stick with?

What if you could hate that person’s behaviours, or at least remain unphased by it?

That is the power that meditation can bring you. If you can stand all the tantrums your mind throws at you while you try to tame it, you have a good chance of remaining stoic when the world tries to beat you down.

Detach Yourself from Results

Results are everything but at the same time nothing. That is because results are only determined by your actions, but being too focused on results will make you beat yourself when you are not up to par.

Focus on Your Actions Instead to Help Other People

Meditation is great, but if you truly want to help a friend, lend a hand to them, send them a message that they need to read, be present when they need, help wherever you can. Meditation can serve many purposes but I honestly believe that this is not one of them.

Stop Seeing Meditation as a Cure for Everything

Meditation can and will be great once you stick with it for long enough, but meditation will not turn you into a perfect person. Every person’s life has multiple facets. Nutrition, fitness, finances, relationships just to mention a few.

While it is true that meditation can yield a great boost to almost single facet of your life, it is not what is going to solve your problems at night.

I sleep best when I do meaningful work that have the potential to help others, meditation can only make me more aware and present, but at the end of the day, the work needs to be done.

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