Can You Meditate While Pooping?

#DISCLAIMER: If you do not want to read things about things that involve poop, do not read this article;

I Would Not Recommend Meditating While Pooping

Aside from the obvious distractions that comes with discharging, meditation while going through discomfort will further associate your emotions and memory with that activity. You do not want to associate those two, right?

It May Be Counter Effective to Meditate While Pooping

Meditation is an activity that needs total concentration in order to work. Pooping can be painful at times, the smell that comes with the activity itself is quite disturbing to most people. All of these aspects of discharging may have a direct negative impact on your mindfulness practice.

Long Sits on the Toilet Are One of the Biggest Causes of Hemorhoids

Hemorrhoids happen when we strain our excretion mechanism past its limits. Sitting in a position that promotes defecation for too long has been shown to increase the likelyhood of hemorrhoids in adults.

Of Course that Being Mindful While Pooping is Possible

I am not here to say that mindfulness is not possible at all times. But my advice for normal is to quit cutting corners and find a quiet place under your free time to meditate.

I Would Argue that Your Bowel Movements Would Not Let You Concentrate

Bowel movements are rather uncomfortable for most people. Not to mention that you need to clean the stuff later. Use your common sense also. Are there successful stories of people that used the toilet to meditate?

Meditation is About Letting the Mind Go

Mantras, candle lights and breath focusing are all resources used to ground a person into one thing. The problem is that discharging involves a series of steps that requires attention.

Meditation is Best When Done as a Single Activity

Meditation is a practice where less is more.

We Must be in Calming Activities While Meditating

Things like walking or sitting are fertile ground for the development of a meditator, not taking a dump.

If You Try to Chase Down Two Rabbits …

You will catch neither one. That is as true with meditation as with almost everything in life. Focus is fundamental to achieve results.

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