Can’t Follow my Own Schedule

Do You Lack Motivation?

Are you a self motivated person?

Often, it’s very difficult to follow a schedule, because in a nutshell, we are almost a different person when the time to execute comes. You will be much better off by accepting reality, setting the bar too high with various activities is often a way to achieve less, not more.

Are the Things on Your Schedule Really Meaningful?

Recently I have read a very powerful book, that book has helped immensely with trimming down the fat that resided on my daily activities, as a result, I found myself really quitting a lot of stuff and focusing mainly on things that, if done right, have true potential to change a person’s life, the main take away is that a lot of times, to achieve more, we actually need to do less, and we can get to those core actions in life by asking great questions, questions like:

What is the one thing I can do to improve x situation in life such that by doing it everything else would be easier or even unnecessary?

The book will absolutely cover everything else you need to know around this philosophy, but just by using this question, you can dramatically increase the number of meaningful tasks on your schedule, and that will help with motivation.

If You Are Depressed, Schedules May Be Too Far of a Stretch for You

Depression has varying degrees, you may not consider yourself to be in state of depression, but that may very well be the case, it is not normal for the average person not to have an ounce of motivation. Perhaps the case of not wanting to go to the doctor is where you’re at, I get it, nobody likes going to the doctor.

But you need to take your life serious because this can turn into a downward spiral too fast, a cycle where you do not want to do absolutely anything, makes you feel more like an undeserving living creature, which in turn reduces your motivation further.

If you are struggling, start small, build up on what you can, having a sophisticated schedule or software to manage your life may be doing more harm than good.

Is It What You Really Want?

They say that journey of a thousand steps starts with a single step, all things considered, it is very possible that without having a clear direction, you end up two thousand steps further from where you truly wanted to arrive at.

Do You Want to Have a Rigid, Set in Stone Day After Planning?

Some people work extremely well in a strict regimen of planning, and that is great, they have found their ideal work system, and that is wonderful, but it’s that the case for you?

Odds are that if you’re reading this article, there seems to be kind of issue that is bugging you, you have to iron out those issues, perhaps you are going through an adaptation phase, and will find it easier in the next weeks, or maybe you are starting to lose hair over this problem.

We are all going to die in the end, whatever is your system for organizing and acting on your goals in life, you need to take in consideration if it is doing more harm than good.

Can You Imagine Following a Schedule for Years?

The true question here is: is what you are currently using sustainable over the long haul?

There are several downfalls associated with using an unsustainable method of living life:

  • Stress, which leads to hair loss, cardiac conditions and much more.
  • Burnout is going to leave you unable to resume work, causing a setback on your path to success.
  • You are learning something that you will have to drop further down the road, as a result, you will have to learn and adjust to something sustainable, and that is going to eat a little more of your precious time.

But as mentioned, this isn’t the case for everyone, if you can imagine being very strict and achieving that without the common associated stress effects of a rigid schedule, then by all means, go for it.

You Cannot Control Your Sleep Schedule

This is normal, controlling your sleep schedule is like maneuvering a spaceship, a few wrong moves and the whole thing goes south, but having a messed up sleep pattern instilled in your life doesn’t affect only sleep, it has a tremendous impact on productivity.

Your Sleep Schedule is All Over the Place

Maybe you are not very concerned with how your sleep plays out, and you try to sleep and wake up naturally, but that is something you must absolutely give up in order to comply with a strict schedule, can you see how restrictive life gets when you follow a routine like this?

In order for one thing to thrive, others need to die, the person you were one day needs to be modified, to the core, or you won’t be able to follow suit, we only get in life what we are, never what we want.

Changing Sleep Habits is Really Hard

One of the hardest things to change in life is change our sleep habits, because too often you have to ditch some habits that are very comfortable and give you immediate gratification, like watching netflix late into the night. Besides giving up “inneficient habits”, you have to create some good ones too, but every time you execute on what you set out to do, you are casting a vote for yourself, that makes you believe that you are that type of person, so if you want to change, realise that action leads to internal change, with enough time, you can transform yourself in whatever it is you need to become in order to achieve the results you crave.

You Get Very Discouraged from a Single Mistake

A very common shared trait beetwen schedulers is perfectionism, they are two traits that are very hard to disattach from each other, because being strict with yourself leads to an increased self criticism.

Aaaah… I Messed Up

Although I am not a scheduler myself anymore, I made the mistake of having those **** it moments where I gave up on the whole day because I woke up late, my thought process at the moment that I was already far behind in my daily activities and goals, and that demotivated me.

That is paralysing, and a scheduler who finds himself in this situation, needs to make choices, being in a negative mental state leads to poor choices, unless a great surge of motivaton strikes that person’s mind, which is often not the case.

Perfectionism Ruins Your Mood (And Day)

This website would not have been possible if I did let perfectionism ruin everything, neither my mechatronincs engineering degree, or anything else that I got done on a realistic timeline, because perfectionism creeps into our minds and paralyze our thought process with doubt, irrational fears and ultimately leads to underachieving.

Schedules Are Too Rigid

Scheduling is the most rigid method of managing one’s life, those who succeed in putting thigs that truly matter in their schedule and have the discipline to follow through will achieve greatness no matter how much time it takes, but as with everything in life, it comes at a price.

If You Are Not Very Disciplined, You’re Off to a Rough Start

Discipline is something that is acquired over time, so don’t expect to set a perfect day google calendar and follow it perfectly for months. The first thing you need to do to be successful at following a schedule, is acknowledge the fact that you are not going to do it perfectly your first time around, it will take time for you to adjust to a new lifestyle.

It Takes Time to Get Good at Following a Schedule

I would say that at least 3 months of following your own schedule, if you have done that much training and still hate it, or your results are subpar, then scheduling may not be for you, for a multitude of reasons exclusively personal to you, and there is nothing wrong with that, the beauty of life is that we are able to choose, and there is always more than one choice, we always have control, even if it’s only of our own minds or how we react to what happens to us.

You Lack a Good System

Lacking a good system can be your greatest pitfall, because schedules have to incorporate so many variables, some systems come at a cost of having to spend long hours planning, or being inneficient.

Maybe You Lack Clarity

You know what you should have to do, and know it fast, just having to take decisions every day leads to an ever increasing analisys paralisys, and that will have you feeling crippled and helpless.

A good system is one that will aid you at making fast decions and deciding what the best day should look like for you.

Perhaps You Need to Create Rules

It might pay to set some rules around your schedule, because if you can be too flexible with the items at your schedule, then it might not even be a schedule to begin with, having rules you invariably follow with thinking about it are great for following schedules, because they enforce discipline and help you thrive faster.

I hope these tips have helped you solve at least some of your scheduling hurdles.

If you enjoyed our article, please leave a comment and let’s have a chat, and as always, thanks for joining us, we are always happy to help.

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