I Can’t Get Over a Mistake

A Mistake Can Change Everything A mistake can be a life shattering event. I have made plenty of mistakes that killed my desire to live from time to time. Just realize that you have to live for today. I know it is hard and your head it’s a mess right now, but understand that you … Read more

How Can a Skinny Person Get Buff?

Eat Like You Never Have There is a simple, but fundamental role in weight management. To gain weight, all you need to do is eat at a surplus. While some people have freakish metabolic rates, to them, gaining weight is a lot harder. Some Skinny Dudes Have Abnormal Metabolisms If you’re really skinny, you might … Read more

How Do Prisoners Get So Buff?

Prisoners Are Not as Buff as You Think Yeah, I know that Hollywood movies like to portray a vision of the prison gym being a coliseum of buff dudes, but the truth is that this picture is not quite accurate. There is 1 Buff Prisoner for Every 100 Prisoners You See You should know that … Read more

Why I Hate Remote Learning?

I Personally Despise Remote Learning I personally think I have never had a worse semester than this one. This semester, well I can say that my true nature of discipline showed up. Without an accountability net readily available for me, there is little chance that I will be studying hard. The Teacher Does NOT Know … Read more

How I Stopped Drinking Soda for 5 Years?

Replace Your Soda with Healthier Alternatives Okay, drinking soda can be a real challenge because it has several addicting substances, stuff like sugar, caffeine and other chemical substances. Trying to quit soda is one of the best things you can do in your life, so congratulations on starting. Drink Seltzer to Keep the Carbonation Sensation … Read more