Does Snoring Keep Mice Away

What is Snoring Anyway?

What creates that horrendous sound that people call snoring?

Well, snoring happens when air goes through the relaxed tissues in your throat, when that happens, the tissues vibrate along with your breathing, as a result, you produce that weird hoarse sound.

How Loud Your Snoring Can Get?

Normally, snoring is in the house of 50 to 65 decibels. Snoring can become as loud as 90 decibels, matching a normal domestic blender for example.

But can this loudness prove to be effective against pushing mice away?

Can the Snoring Sound Be Loud Enough to Scare Mice?

As we already discussed, our snoring can become unbearable for a partner sleeping besides us, but they clearly aren’t rodents (I hope so). What should you expect from a rodent behaviour when he hears your horrible snoring?

Is Your Throat Engine Enough?

The kind of wave length generated in snoring is a human sound, hardly reproduced by other animals that are rodent’s predators, so that is a negative point for this thesis.

It’s important to remember that what causes extreme fear in rodents are sounds produced by his natural predators, things like the sounds of a bird, the cat noises and everything in between.

Can Your Snoring Keep Mice Away?

With all of that being said, the final answer is no. Your Snoring cannot keep mice away for a variety of reasons.

If a rodent made his nest somewhere in your house, it’s very likely he will stay there because mice is a creature of habit, they tend to not stay further than 300 feet from where they developed their nest.

Can Sound Even Keep Mice Away?

Some People Claim that Ultrasonic Electronic Devices May do the Trick

At first, ultrasonic rodent repellents might work for a short while, but as we discussed, mice won’t go away unless they sense extreme life danger. The result is that overtime mice will become habituated with these sounds and will no longer fear it.

Can a Rodent Get in My Bed?

The short answer is yes, they absolutely can, but most likely won’t. I sincerely hope this is not an excuse to deal with all the mice crawling at your dorms.

Humans are Not Rodents Natural Predators

Okay, I understand, we are a lot bigger. Mice are scared of humans, but when we are sleeping for example, we do not pose that much of a threat to these little creatures. So yes, regular mice will have no worries about crawling all over you if they need to do so.

If There is a Food Source in Your Bed He Will Get There

Unless we turn into a cat or a natural predator of mice, mice will wine and dine even if they have to sit on our laps to do so. So use that information and stop keeping food in your room, that is a very strong reason for mice to party all over your bed.

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