Does Snoring Spread Coronavirus?

The Anwer Lies in Our Throats

Can snoring relly increase the likelyhood of transmitting corona virus to other people?

Snoring and Airflow

When we are snoring, what happens is that we are trying to breathe normally, but because we are sleeping, the soft tissues in our throat become very relaxed, when the air goes through these now relaxed tissues, they vibrate as a result, producing that extremely unpleasant hoarse sound we are very well acquainted with.

Breathing and COVID

Breathing is breathing. Because coronavirus is transmitted through air, there is a good chance that the virus will be transmitted as a result of infect particles floating in the air from your snoring.

It Depends on the Distance You Are from a Person

Social distancing works because we cannot infect people from kilometers away just by breathing, so this is a critical factor in answering your doubts in this regard.

It’s Extremely Unlikely that You’ll Infect Someone that is More Than 1 Meter Away

Statistic studies have reported that 1 meter of distancing can prevent more than 95% of infections related to airborn particles.

You Can Infect Your Significant Other

You can absolutely infect your partner while sleeping because you will be very close together, but there is an extreme chance that you already transmitted the disease before that happened because of the close contact you share.

COVID-19 is a Virus that Can Be Transmitted Through Air

Covid is a virus that can be transmitted through air so the answer lies in the distance and form of contact between individuals.

The Final Answer

No, chances are you will never get of transmit covid as a result of sleeping with someone. Chances are you will have transmitted said disease much earlier in the process. The takeaway from this is:

Be responsible, take precautionaty measures to prevent an unnecessary infection from happening.

No Question is a Dumb Question

We all have doubts and that is natural, there is nothing wrong with asking simple questions. Sometimes results might surprise you.

Should You Care?

You are absolutely overthinking this, if you managed to sleep with a person, there is a VERY HIGH CHANCE that you already infected that individual with covid at some point before sleeping together.

Start Caring About What Matters

A lot of other measures are going to help you greatly, things such as washing your hands immediatelly after being in contact with another person, using the mask in a proper way. Social distancing is a must in harsh times like this.

I know it is tough, but is not impossible, stay strong folks.

Good Job on Looking for Information

The internet is full of resources and can answer almost any question you have. People say that every mind is connect somehow, and ideas come from an unknow source that streams from the same origin.

What I am trying to say is that what you are thinking has a real high chance of being the object of research by someone else, so congratulations on your curiosity.

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