Foolproof way to wake up earlier


Well, supose you did too, this is an issue I have struggled with for too many years.

I have spent countless hours trying to solve this puzzle and have a productive morning, with little to no success for a long time, but I did crack the code, there are some fundamental truths that you may be missing, and I will tell you what those are.

You are not the same person you were the night before when you wake up

There is just one thing I want to do when I wake up, go back to sleep, everyone is different, I know that, but if you are having problems with getting up, you are getting the right information from a person that I know is in the top 0,00001% levels of getting up on time, and I found a solution to the problem

We will discuss the solution later, but it is fundamental that you understand thoroughly why you aren’t waking up on time

You have 0 levels of motivation after waking up

Yeah, there are days that you simply ain’t gonna have a dime worth of energy to do what you are supposed to do and you will get back to bed.

You have no external obligations such as work, school or important appointments

If you have self-imposed deadlines, work that you have promised yourself that you were going to do, you have to summon a enormous amount of self-control everyday to achieve the results you want, unless you deeply love what you do

Yes, I could be playing league of legends 24/7 everyday and I wouldn’t be bored, I would be loving every second, but guess what, if you do these kinds of activities you are being just a consumer, people that make it in life and are truly happy are producers, they produce something that will help other people, give them something, a laugh, an information, joy, make them sing, make a positive difference in they life, no matter how significant it is.

You slept too little the night before

Using my solution, you will still wake up and stay awake for a certain period of time, but I assure you, sleep will always win in the end, you are not broken, there is nothing wrong with you, it’s just the way it is, accept and pay the price for your future-self to have a fighting chance the next day.

Designing a solution

First things first, you have to make sure you will get out of bed in the morning, but how are you going to do it?

You have to be physically distant from your alarm clock

So you are just going to tell me I need to put my alarm clock away from me ?

Of course not, this is just a mild scratch on the surface, this article is for ultra heavy sleepers, lazy people, those who tried it all, so as soon as they turn off the alarm, they will inevitably go back to bed and sleep to their hearts content.

The alarm clock has to keep you awake until your sleepy self goes away, it will eventually and you will give trying to sleep

So you have to setup multiple alarms, simple right?


You will disable all the other alarms as soon as all the first one starts to ring, sheesh, so whats the solution to that?

You have to get an alarm that will go off and that cannot be disabled after a certain time, there is a way to do that and I will show you how later in the article.

The alarm clock will have to be constrained in a fixed location that you can’t move it

I told, this is the hardcore foolproof way to wake up earlier, but how the *** will you do that?

Simple, you buy a lock and a waterproof case for your phone, they will have an opening for the lock, so you attach the lock to a place at your home that you will disturb you if you don’t wake up to disable the alarm.


You will need to make sure the place put your alarm is high enough for you to have to stand up

If you put it too low, trust me, you are going to sleep on the floor, maybe not at the first time you set it up, but eventually, you will, and these microsleeps beetween the multiple alarms won’t let your sleepy lazy self go away, and after all alarms go off, you will go back to bed.

Your alarm clock can’t be turned off

Eventually, you will find out that you can put your phone in recovery mode by pressing the power button + a volume button and you will shut it off, so that would rule out ALL YOUR PROGRESS UNTIL NOW, so what you have to do then?

This is simple, remove the power button.

Engage your brain so that it snaps out of it completely

The alarm clock that I use for this and have all the features I needed is Alarmy(this is not an ad, I receive 0 from them, I just think this alarm is the best and all the others are garbage)

They have a specific feature that is very relevant to this method, there is a way to turn off the alarm clock by solving mathematical problems, so I use that and after I’m finished, I’m awake.


Well, luckily, there is a way to turn on a specific phone model, and that is the motorola generation 2(Moto G2), you simply hold the volume down button and plug in the power cord, and all of a sudden a menu wil pop-up with options, and one of them is to turn on the phone.

That is it folks, so if you meet all this criteria, you will have successfully fixed your waking up early problem like I did

If you want to know more about this method, leave a comment and let me know.

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