How Can a Skinny Person Get Buff?

Eat Like You Never Have

There is a simple, but fundamental role in weight management. To gain weight, all you need to do is eat at a surplus. While some people have freakish metabolic rates, to them, gaining weight is a lot harder.

Some Skinny Dudes Have Abnormal Metabolisms

If you’re really skinny, you might be one of those dudes or gals with abnormal metabolisms, meaning that normally your body will burn a lot more calories than a regular person. That means that in order to gain weight you actually need to eat more than the regular person.

Eat More than You Think is Enough

The trick here is to eat more than what you think you should. It takes a lot of effort to gain weight consistently but you need to channel that inner motivation to keep going.

Never Forget Leg Day

If you are skinny you should never forget leg day. That is because it’s fundamental to your development. By skipping leg days, you are depriving your body the chance of attaining amazing symmetry and looks in general.

I Know That Some of You Hate Leg Day

Leg days are dreadful for men. Leg day are hard because they require a lot of energy and focus in order to be effective.

Leg days also features lots of injury potential. Having to wait for the squat rack is a hassle and people barely notice leg gains. But the alternative is having week disproportionate legs…

You get to choose.

Leg Days Are Important for Various Reasons

Leg days help with your back. Romanian deadlifts and all sorts of squats have back muscles associated with the lift, another good reason to start loving leg days. Also, leg muscles make your body burn more calories, making a cut cycle less awful.

Some Advantages of Being Skinny

Even though I know that being skinny can be awful when you look in the mirror, there is a fantastic advantage when it comes to managing your motivation levels:

Noticeable progress.

You Will See Every Pound of Muscle You Gain

Being skinny is awesome when it comes to managing your motivation levels. When you are skinny, you are going to notice every single pound you add.

A fatter person will have a real hard time getting people to notice progress because of the outer layer of fat covering their hard won muscles.

Realize that you’ll be making fast progress in the beginning, what people call “newbie gains”. Those results are going to appear on the mirror.

Your Skin and Health is Probably on the Better Side

When you are fat, chances are that you already developed some kind of skin problem, maybe your acne it’s out of whack or you have fatty skin.

By being lean you are essentially starting off with better odds and health, things like getting out of breath, having low energy, cutting calories and being miserable while lifting are going to be less frequent occasions.

Focus on Getting Stronger and You Will Get Buff

Ask a skinny guy to lift heavy on the gym…

That human doesn’t exist. It is only a tale, all the big guys are the guys who lift heavy, so always focus on getting your numbers up.

Aim for Big Numbers to Get Buff

this is crucial for your development in the gym, your focus should always be on getting stronger. Lifting heavier is the only way of knowing whether you are getting stronger or not.

Getting buff is a matter of patience.

Steady Strength Progress Means Lean Mass Growth

Slow and steady always wins the race. While you may not hugely notice your gains in the mirror, they are happening. All you need to do is lift consistently and you will go from skinny to buff rapidly.

Take Progress Pics Consistently

One thing that will keep your motivation always on point is measuring. I’m a big proponent of measuring to get results, because you can only see the truth of achievement when you have a reference point to compare it to.

Progress Pics Will Increase Your Motivation

Progress pictures are key, because in the day-to-day life you are not going to notice that much difference, the increments are too small.

But when you take them apart let’s say a week or a month, that’s when you see the results. With progress pictures, it will all be recorded and readily available for you to consult.

The Bonus of Having a Before and After

There is a sweet bonus of having a before and after. With the power of this transformation, you will know that you were capable of taking your body to the next level, this in turn will create a butterfly effect on other areas of your life.

Now that you have this strengthened confidence in your physique, you will carry it over all other facets of your life.

Stack on Shakes for Fast Calories Intake

When your skinny, shakes are your best friend. Shakes are a fast way of getting those calories in, by coupling your high-calorie shake with some protein pounder you are setting yourself up for big gains.

Peanut Butter Shakes for Transitioning from Skinny to Buff

Peanut butter is great because it has some protein and its high fat, which will make your shake very caloric. You can use that in your favor, always try to slip in a tablespoon or two of peanut butter in your shake you can give your body the calories it needs.

Avocados and Whey Protein

Avocados are a natural fruit that is high in fat, which will provide you with the energy and calories you are desperate to reach.

Whey protein it’s great. especially if you’re skinny, because if you eat at a surplus but not meet your protein goals (which is .36 g per pound of body weight), you are not going to gain muscle. Sadly, by not meeting protein goals, you’re going to gain fat.

This can be very frustrating, because instead of becoming a buff person, you are going to become a skinny fat one.

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