How Do Prisoners Get So Buff?

Prisoners Are Not as Buff as You Think

Yeah, I know that Hollywood movies like to portray a vision of the prison gym being a coliseum of buff dudes, but the truth is that this picture is not quite accurate.

There is 1 Buff Prisoner for Every 100 Prisoners You See

You should know that being buff it’s not that easy. As much as Hollywood likes to portray a scary vision of gangs and dominance on prisons, there are only about one to around of 5% of truly buffed up dudes.

Working Out Keeps Prisoners Sane

Getting buff, it’s not an easy task. You need to:

  • Get your protein in;
  • You need to train correctly;
  • Keep your stress levels down;
  • Sleep properly;
  • Maintain an intake of calories that is at a surplus;

Prisoners Get Endless Spare Time

Prisoners can think about lifting all day if they want. There is not much to do in prison actually, depending on the sentence, getting buff might be a life goal for some.

Insane Levels of Motivation

I don’t know about you, but I would certainly try to be the most buffed up guy in my block, at least in prison. Being weak and skinny can portray a vision of vulnerability.

The overpowered version of prisoners can be quite misleading, but their competition and fierceness might be just like that.

Fear and Pressure Fuel Motivation

In jail, you find every type of psycho, which committed the most monstrous crimes. Sometimes they are on a life sentence, so they do not have much to lose. The sanest thing you could do is try to look like someone not to mess with.

Prisoners Get Hormone Boosts

Getting inside that cage with a bunch of hostile people around you a 100% of the time is a sure way of getting your primal animal hormones on a rage.

Steroids in Jail Are Not Uncommon

It is no news that there is chance that those buffed up prisoners are on juice. While it is all theory, we all know that a prison could be a whole mafia just by itself. Getting access to resources like steroids is not impossible, especially if the prisoner has outside contacts and money from his previous thefts.

Survival of the Fittest Boosts Testosterone

Being surrounded by aggressive men can boost your testosterone levels. The only thing your body cares about is surviving. Your brain is not dumb, it knows that to survive on jail, your body needs to evolve.

Your body may react to this situation by engaging the pituitary gland, which sends more luteinizing hormone to your balls, demanding them to increase testosterone.

Prisoners Get Regular Meals

Prisoners have one thing that we do not have, and that is a structured system for doing everyday activities such as sleeping, eating, playing and working.

Prisoners Get 3 Balanced Meals Every Day

Prisoners actually eat a very macro balanced meal, and they eat 3 times a day, with an optimized hormone release and plenty of time to train in the day, with enough discipline, a prisoner can get jacked up.

Prisoners Can Obtain More Food

Prisoners do not have to live only with the 3 daily meals that are provided there, you can actually get more. There are prisoners that are really resourceful. They buy a big bag of oats and milk powder, the cell has water in it, so you can make that meal whenever you want. All you have to do is workout hard and rest.

Consistency is King for Prisoners Getting Buff

How consistent are you really in the gym?

Realize that consistency comes more naturally for prisoners because of less distractions. Workout can indeed become in cells preferred slice of the day.

Convicts Can Workout More than the Average Joe to Get Buff

With daily responsibilities, you can work out once a day, two if you are privileged and disciplined. Being caged all day enables your mind and body to get on a whole new level with exercise. In fact, you can become so involved with it that you do it like your life depends on it.

Time to Recover is Greatly Improved

What is one things that inmates have the we do not?

Time, plenty of it actually, being caged all day means that you can sleep more, rest easily depending on the circumstances. All those factors, when combined, can be deeply beneficial to a prisoner muscle gain.

Some Prisoners Hustle to Get the Calories in and Workout

Prisoners do not need to stick with the food that jails provide, nor their workout stations. Prisoners can be very compelling to come up with ways to get the calories in and exercise.

Sometimes Prisoners Will Fight Over Food

What happens when you are an inmate that cannot defend yourself?

Things are taken from you, and that is why you in prison, there is this innate pressure to become strong, fast.

This is another way that prisoners get their food, hustling and fighting for it, which cause a tendency of the strong getting stronger and the weak to rot in there.

Do Not Underestimate the Creativity of Prisoners to Workout

A prisoner will do everything to get buff, as you already see. Coming up with ways of exercising in the most precarious settings comes naturally for prisoners.

Water bags, bags full of books, the assistance of other people to accomplish more complex bodyweight exercises, you name it, they have done it.

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