How Far Away Can a Bow and Arrow Kill Someone?

The World Record for Shooting an Arrow

One of the best ways to find how far away can a bow and arrow kill a person is to get data that is directly correlated with the stunt;

The Longest Recorded Arrow Shot

József Mónus (Hungary), holds the distance record for shooting an arrow. Using his own 134lb reflex bow he has shot an arrow to a whopping 654 meters. There is no question that the falling of that arrow could kill an unlucky person given the strike hit a vital part.

What is the Target Accuracy of the World Arrow Shooter Recordist?

József Mónus can probably hit a target with an accuracy of about 300 meters, that is a long distance, if I were to put it in scale, it wold be something like lining up 67 cars in terms of length.

But Can It Be Enough to Kill a Person?

Yes, an arrow has very sharp and pointy tip. The human skin was not made to resist an impact with high amounts concentrated energy.

Luck Plays an Important Role on the Deadliness of an Arrow

Luck will inevitably be something to look for. If the arrow hits your leg you are unlikely to die, unless it hits your femeral artery. The same hit can lead to a fast death if it hits your heart, spine or head.

An Arrow Is Enough to Kill with Ease

Have you ever watched a medieval movie where there was constant war and epic battles?

If you did, perhaps you noticed that in almost every battle, the usage of arrows in the beginning was almost always present. That is an arrow was the best long distance ammo that our ancestors developed. Do not underestimate the knowledge of the past.

A Combination of Factors Must Take Place

There are so many factors that must be in place for an arrow to kill a person from too far away. Things like movement, skill of the archer and distance are key points.

A Realistic Scenario of the Furthest Distance an Arrow Could Kill a Person

Hitting a target that is standing still is infinitely easier than striking a target in movement. You never know how fast a person can run or even the path that individual will make to dodge the arrow.

It Will Strike on the Way Down

There is no question that if an arrow was to kill a person from a big distance it would be on its way down. With this, chances are a lot slimmer because you will have to calculate the arrow falling path, and that requires experience and luck.

Arrows Can Be Very Deadly

Arrows are designed to be deadly both on the way in, and the way out.

The Arrow Barbs Are Very Deadly

Of the few things I fear in life, arrow barbs are among the top. You know what I am talking about, those sharp looking edges on the sides of the arrow’s tip. An arrow barb can shred all the surrounding tissue on its way out, possibly causing permanent damage to nerves and arteries. You may have seen in movies that warrior break the arrow’s shaft and then remove them that way;

Poisonous Arrows Just Need to Hit

We just talked about arrow causing a bloodbath, but what if a poisoned arrow barely scraped your, could it still kill you?

The answer is that a poisonous arrow can kill you with ease if it comes in contact with your blood circulation. People used several species of Aconitum as a foundation for developing poisons later used in arrows. This deadly poison attacks the central nervous system and can even lead to a cardiac arrest.

How Deep Will an Arrow Penetrate the Body?

Movies like to portrait a more cinematographic enjoyable view of things, arrows are not an exception to this.

A Death by an Arrow is Not Like in the Movies

Unless someone shoots right through your eye, there is a very bad chance of the arrow instantly killing you. The reality of it is that you would lose blood until your body could not maintain vitals working anymore, a slow and painful death.

Very High Chance of the Arrow Going Through

Movies, a lot of times, depict an inaccurate representation of what an arrow shot in a human body would really be like. The truth is that the arrow would most likely go through our body, not just a few inches in like its shown in movies.

How Accurate Could You Shoot an Arrow?

Sometimes it just comes down to the skill of the archer. The accuracy is the great defining factor of wheter an arrow could kill someone from a long distance

Greatly Depends on the Distance the Arrow is from the Target

Remember that the longest arrown shoot in the world was about 650 meters. If you are further away than this distance from the archer. You can rest safe, unless the archer is some kind of avenger.

Your Individual Skill is the Biggest Factor for Accuracy When Shooting an Arrow

Archers spend a lifetime developing the best techniques, practicing for hours on end, all of that to challenge themselves. Of course is an important factor, but the individual skill of the archer should not be neglected.

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