How Fast Can I Learn Blender on My Own?

It All Depends on Your Input

You can certainly learn blender easily at a decent level depending on what you want to do, the catch here is to know where do you want to go with your blender knowledge.

How Fast Can I Learn If I Want to Become an Animator in Blender?

Do you want to become a professional animator, or just want to animate for hobby projects, what is the level of detail you want to obtain on your animations?

If you want to become a professional, I would say at least 2 years of full time dedication to become a decent animator if you are starting from scratch, and that Is with extreme dedication

But if you just want to learn the basics and start doing some cool animations for youtube videos and personal projects, you can get good with 2 months of intense practice.

What If I just Want to Create Beautiful Frames and Environments?

Well, take what you would learn to become an animator and know subtract the time you would have to master the workflow of keyframing for animations and such, so I would say that it would be something close to 1 and half year to become low key decent at it.

How Much Time Do You Have Available?

Do you go to college, work, have kids or high time consuming activies that are of vital importance in your life?

The Amount of Time You Have to Practice Is Vital.

If you sum everything you have to each day, because we all have obligations, then tell me, how much time you have got left, how much time is left to learn this skill that you want?

Can you make more time?

Can you cut through other activies that may be of lower priority or not?

Learning blender is not that easy, you have to let a lot of information sink in, practice, have a clear intent of your artistic activity on the software and you will inevitably find roadblocks on your way to mastering the software, so time is essential

People that Want to Do It, Find Time

Those who will succeed, will find the time, they will do it and years from now, they will say, I am glad I did.

Those who will fail, are going to find excuses and are going to blame their circumstances.

You need to choose which one of them you will become.

Have You Worked with 3d Software Before?

Well, of course that those that worked with 3ds Maya will find it IMMENSELY easier to learn blender, because they have the fundamentals nailed down.

It Will Take Time to Even Understand the Basics

When you open blender, there will be some many tools that you probably are going to drown in information, and there is nothing wrong with that, the best way is to try to achieve some specific result with the software at that learning session, follow a good tutorial, and you will learn the set of tools for that particular goal.

There is an Infinite Number of Stuff You Could do in Blender

If you learned another 3d software before, then you should have a good idea of what most of the tools inside blender will acomplish, but there are always new add-ons, menus, techniques, and it will take time for you to sort what is most important and frequently used, that only comes with experience.

You Are Not Going to Learn It All

That is where intent becomes so amazingly powerful, because if you scatter your attention between various different topics, so will your results.

Accept That You Will Not Be a Jack of All Trades

Depending on what you are going to do, you are going to have to watch a LOT of tutorials, and that is for a specific problem, or even part of it, to get to a specific final goal within your grand vision of the final project, so yeah, it takes a real workload.

You Are Going to Learn What You Need

If you are on your own, accept, you may not know the best way to do task x, but you know ONE WAY to do it, and that’s enough, most of the time.

You already know the pareto rule, so apply it, one of the key mindsets you will have to develop on your solo blender learning journey is to be results oriented.

How Much Can I Learn in One Month of Blender?

Well, I did this experiment myself, and I comitted 5 or more hours a day in blender to learn as fast as possible and create as much content as possible

My case study

So I did really enjoy surreal entertainment videos (go check it to see for yourself), but I knew absolutely NOTHING about 3d animation, but that didn’t prevent me from getting started, and 1 month after I started, I had 5 videos published, each one was better than the previous one, I dropped the project to start another business but it was really cool.

Things Are Not Going Your Way, But You Will Learn

That’s exactly what you read, you are going to fail miserable, sometimes you are going to be stuck in a problem for hours or days, because you want to learn on your own, you won’t have things handed to you on a silver plate, so you will have to be resourceful and find a solution every single day, but trust me, it will be worth it.

Getting Started in Blender is the Most Important Step

There is a lot of truth to the very cliché saying that “A journey of a 1000 steps starts with a single step, but people DO NOT GIVE IT PROPER CREDIT.

Starting Will Kick Your Brain into Solution Mode

When you get started, you will want to model something, make a beautiful environment or learn a cool technique you saw in a video, but the majority of times, you will lack the skills required to do that.

But our brains are resourceful, they keep working on our projects even when we aren’t consciously thinking about them, and that’s why sometimes when you are showering, suddenly a magical life changing idea or solution strike you like a lighting bolt.

It is Like Investing, the Sooner, the Better

You have to believe when I say that it is not possible for ANYBODY to cram every piece of information you need into your head in one day, right?


So the sooner you start, the more time your brain will have to let all the learning sink in, things like methods, shortcuts, software layout, software behaviour, bugs and much, much more.

What is at Stake for You?

When doing ANYTHING, you should always consider the ROI (Return of Investment) of that activity, even if you are not accurate at your considerations, you should still do it.

Will You Lose Something Dear to You by Engaging in this?

Would you rather be a master in blender, or have a good work-life balance?

You are the only one who can answer this, no amounts of forums, websites and internet research will aid you enough in this decision, because nobody is you, you are the only one who will have to make sacrifices in order to achieve the results you want.

Sometimes we cram in stuff we think we want in our lives and we often drop them in the end, the result is precious time wasted.

Should You Learn Blender on Your Own?

If you read the whole article, then you should have a solid enough basis to make a good decision, but if you are really young, have a strong desire and the courage to embrace problems with an open mind, go for it!

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