How I Stopped Drinking Soda for 5 Years?

Replace Your Soda with Healthier Alternatives

Okay, drinking soda can be a real challenge because it has several addicting substances, stuff like sugar, caffeine and other chemical substances. Trying to quit soda is one of the best things you can do in your life, so congratulations on starting.

Drink Seltzer to Keep the Carbonation Sensation

Sometimes it is best to start with some small steps. Well, some people like the carbonation that soda offers sold, an alternative would be to switch to seltzer. You are keeping the carbonation while already quitting the sugar that comes with soda.

For the caffeine you can try to consume iced teas or a cop of unsweetened coffee. by doing all of these swaps, you are going to be more on the natural side of things. Eventually, you will wean yourself off soda.

I have quit soda for more than five years now and it’s greatly helped with my health.

Buy Yourself a Nice Good Looking Water Bottle

Some people report having success by buying a nice water bottle, something like a Hydro flask or a Nalgene. A stunning water bottle provides a visual appeal that might lessen your desire to drink soda. There is as potential side effect of it increasing your appetite towards natural drinks.

Wean Yourself Off from Soda a Little Bit at a Time

I just gave you just excellent tips on quitting soda. But the trick here is to start small. Do not attempt to quit it all at once, unless you have an epiphany or something similar. Quitting soda cold turkey can be very challenging.

Lower Your Soda Intake Progressively

Progressive lower your soda intake. Start with one less can, then proceed to two and go from there. Every time you remove a soda can, replace it with water, this way you can swap the habit more easily.

Carry a Jug of Water of Water at All Times

Carry a big jug of water. Sometimes dehydration can be a trigger for wanting to drink soda, but you know that soda will not satisfy your craving for refreshment, in fact, it just gets worse. By always having a healthy source for hydration, you will eventually start to crave soda less.

Go Aggressive on Water to Stop Drinking Soda

Go aggressive with water. Try to drink as much water as you can, so your stomach is always full. Overtime you will get used to drink water faster.

Wait Until You Feels Thirsty to Experience Water True Refreshiness

There is another strategy which can make you like water even more.

Because water truly has the potential to quench your thirst, you should drink it when you are feeling very thirst. At that exact moment, water will feel very satisfying and you are going to crave that marvelous sensation again.

DRINK Water Very Frequently

By following the tips present in this article, you are naturally going to drink a lot of water. Because of many factors:

  • Water will always be in sight and available;
  • By replacing the mental habits, becoming aware of your triggers for drinking soda;

Whenever you feel the urge to drink soda, drink a sip of water. Something that is easy to, be consistent with and overtime you will associate your soda cravings with water.

Two Addictions that Are Hindering Your Chances of Quitting Soda

If you truly want to give up soda. You could take the leap and give up another two things along with it, those are sugar and coffee.

Sugar is Addictive and Sodas Have Lots of it

Every day we face countless battles when trying to eat healthy. Everything has sugar in it, eating natural foods is really challenging. All those factories make fast food so easily available…

But, by replacing processed foods for natural ones you have a much better chance of beating your soda addiction.

Coffee Will Make You Hang on to Soda Like a Baby

Coffee is also present in sodas in the form of caffeine. You need to take into consideration that caffeine is an addictive substance and will make soda addiction harder to beat.

Make Soda Harder to Drink

There are things that you can do at the beginning that is going to make your journey a lot easier. Granted, some people are going to try to screw up your diet, but you don’t have to make things worse when you are by yourself.

Stop Buying Soda at the Store

An easy thing to do that is very efficient:

Stop buying soda completely;

By doing this you are removing soda from your environment, making soda hard to access is a critical step in stopping drinking soda. If you want to quit any bad behavior, making it hard to do greatly improves your chances of succeeding.

Make a List of What Soda does to Your Body and Read It Before Drinking

Along with that, you can have a motivation list.

All you need to do its grab pen and paper and start researching all of the dangers that soda can cause your health, a list of reasons can look like

  • Cancer;
  • Diabetes;
  • Heart disease;
  • Obesity;

All of those have a greater chance of happening when you drink soda in your daily diet.

I Do Not Want to Break My 5 Year Soda Free Streak

After you are through the beginning, which is the hardest phase my opinion, things will get much easier for you.

I have been through countless social meetings where soda was put right in front of me and I refused to drink it. Of course I still get the urge to drink soda sometimes it but it’s much better than five years ago, I mean 99% better.

Some People Are Not Cut for Moderation

Yes, some people say that they can drink only a can of soda and then they are done for the day, but I am not like that.

I know that if I had this mindset I would fail miserably over and over again, so that’s why I chose to quit cold turkey.

The Weight of Your Own Streak Will Make You Keep Soda Free

Sometimes I still feel the urge to drink soda like I mentioned, although it is very weak now. Even though the desire to drink soda is slim now, if I did not have a streak going for me, then with the same urges, I would probably give in.

Now that I stopped for so long I can just say:

– Well I am so proud of my current streak, I am not going to give it up for a mere soda.

That keeps me going healthy and strong.

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