How I Write 5 Articles a Day

Extreme Commitment

Writing 5 articles a day takes a huge toll on anyone who dares to try it, but there are payoffs too, like resting truly well at night, knowing you did your share and took a step further on your chosen path.

You are Sacrificing Time That You Will Never Get Back

Time is your most important asset in life, period.

Once time is gone, everything is gone, a lot of times I have mini panic attacks remembering high school and how 10 years have already flied by.

At that time time felt so abundant, I remember playing basketball, videogames, going out with friends and not being one bit concerned. Life will slap me in the face right now if I don’t produce measurable results, so I don’t waste time, because one day, I want to be free like that again.

Produce Results in the Time You Scheduled

At the end of the day, the words are in there written or not, you have either failed or succeed, so much of what I write is more focused on delivering rather than squeazing every drop of quality, but having to put 5 hours into every paragraph.

The One Thing

There is a quote that resonates with the message I am trying to deliver, that quote is:

“The biggest waste of time is to do well something that we need to do at all” – Gretchen Rubin.

Every Day I Only Work on Core Tasks

Busy work means … nothing.

What should you really be doing right now to further advance yourself on your goals?

Take some time to acknowledge the fact that you may have been doing it all wrong. You do not have to do it all, you only need to do the right things at the right time and success will come.

Everything has a Different Value

Basically, one action has more value to your pursuit than others, that’s the way life is, but that is actually a good thing, it means we don’t have to be masters of everything, we just have to to what’s required of the project and always focus on the next step.

Pareto principle is a very common concept, so apply it to your decisions, what is giving you the biggest results, what is the next action with the biggest potential?

That is exactly what will make you standout.


It is true indeed, preparation prevents poor performance.

Have Specific Goals for the Day and Beat Them no Matter What

You should always have a masterlist of goals, your big, ambicious goals that would make your life awesome if you achieved them, and then work backwards.

Those goals are probably long term goals, that need to be distilled into yearly and monthly goals.

From your monthly goals, make weekly goals that guarantees you hit your monthly goals, and ultimately you need to make today goals.

What is the one thing you could do today to ensure you beat your weekly goals?

That is goal setting to the now, and it is a powerful concept.

Prepare Everything so You Can Unplug During Writing

Write in silence, of with some classical music, lo-fi, whatever, it just need to be lyricless.

Having no access to the internet in general will make you orders of magnitude more productive. What usually gets in the way of writing great articles are interruptions.

You need to make sure you protect your time at any cost, because remember, you are doing what matter most, and what matter most can’t be ignored.

Long Term Vision

Nothing great ever created by a man happened without it first happening in his own mind, so you have to believe that your job will change your life and the life of others eventually.

As I am Writing this, I am Getting 0 Traffic

I have never, ever blogged before, I am doing this out of pure belief that it will work, sometime, because I am putting in the work.

Every business can fail and none are guaranteed to work, but guess what, the safer route is not guaranteed either, you can lose you job, your license and market downturns are everywhere. So you need to believe in your work first, because if you don’t, you aren’t even going to put the required effort anyway.

Beliving in the Process is What Will Make You Take Action

Your writing can indeed be a pile of ****, but that shouldn’t steer you away from course. To be able to write anything good, first you need to write it. There ain’t such thing as I am going to formulate the perfect book or blog post all in my head before typing a single word.

You need to do the work, put the words on the page and let your mind flow, even if the work is not up to the standard, at least you have a draft, something to improve on.

Thoughts on Aiming Big

The next book that’s on my reading list is the 10X rule by grant cardone, just because the title resonated with me, and I am trying to do 10X what I would need to be successful.

I Want this to Fulfill its Maximum Potential

Even if you fail on your big vision, chances are you may end up somewhere nice in life, because you landed close to your big goal.

Do Something that Stretchs You

Do you know what happens when you finish a big goal?

You get better as a human being (assuming it was a positive goal), because as you stretched yourself to hit the goal, you got bigger too.

Batching Activities for Efficiency

Changing focus on every activity you do will lead to a great amount of wasted time, by using this technique you can minimize it greatly.

Separate One Day for Keyword Research

You can do plenty of keyword research for your articles in one day, what you want to do is reasearch a whole month of articles you are going to write, and then organize all those articles in folders you are going to work on later.

Use a Template and Fill the Header and Subheaders

The easiest way to write faster, is to already know about what you are going to write, because you don’t have to decide every little topic as that can be mentally draining when you sit to write.

Your subconcious mind will also help, when you are preparing all the articles, your brain starts to kick into gear and fill you with great ideas.

Waking Up Early

Waking early will be needed if you do this, the edge that the morning peace gives you is quite enhancing for writers.

Waking Up Early is NEEDED for Me

This is article #5 of the day for me, the only reason I am still going strong on this one is because I woke up early

Having a Strong Why

What is definitely going to fuel you when you are lonely, writing and not earning a penny for it is your why, everything else will be on a paper foundation until you iron out your why.

I Don’t Want to Work for a Company Forever

I sincerely hope I become so good at blogging, that one day I will be able to live off of it entirely, without needing a company paycheck to buy food or pay the bills.

That is a strong why, at least to me.

I Dream About Working from Anywhere

My goal is to be able to live in Beatiful Island in Brasil someday, working with a notebook and wifi only, eventually earning enough to retire and live a life where I do whatever I want, no boss, no traffic, freedom.

So that’s how I write 5 articles a day folks, thanks for joining us!

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