How Long Should It Take to Learn a New Piece on Classical Guitar?

It Depends on How Hard is the Piece

In the world of music and musical instruments, learning new pieces is one of the most exciting parts of the job, but things can get quite challenging, or even discouraging when we talk about complicated masterpieces like Villa-Lobos 2nd Etude orAsturias by Isaac Albeniz.

My Own Experience Learning Different Pieces

While I do not consider myself a beginner anymore, it is hard to gauge my current skill level on classical guitar, as I only play songs I find interesting, and that is mostly nerdy music from animes and videogames.

Always Strive for Something “Just” Outside Your Level

To avoid getting too demotivated, stop picking pieces that are almost impossible for you, playing the same song over and over making little progress is disheartening even to the most patient student.

What is Your Classical Guitar Level?

How easy is for you to pick up a new song and elevate it to a level where you could play it in front of a whole audience?

Levels Change Exponentially from Newbie to Amateur

Realise and accept that beginners in classical guitar are a world of distance away from professionals and veterans. Without hearing you play it is impossible to classify your current level, but you can arrive at the answer yourself by asking:

  • What kind of songs I can play?
  • How fast and accurately can I learn a medium level song?
  • How many years do I have within the realms of classical guitar?
  • In my honest opinion, am I more or less talented than most people?

After coming up with the answers we believe you will have found the answer you are looking for.

Start at Your Level and go from There

There is nothing wrong with being a beginner, what can be worrysome is to not take action and waste the precious time you could be using to improve. Stop comparing youserlf to others, aim to be better than you were yesterday and you will be great overtime.

Being Good at Reading Sheet Music Helps Tremendously

It is hard to think of any other way to become great at classical guitar if not by reading lots of sheet music over a long enough period of time.

Sheet Music Offers a Universal Learning Experience

Sheet music may seem hard at first, but is just like learning a new language, the more you delve into it, the faster you will learn.

Some musicians avoid using sheet score because of the difficulty, but later down in the road that is what is going to stop them from moving forward and keep momentum.

It is Pretty Much a Requirement for Classical Guitarist

Learning classical guitar is quite possible with all the resources available nowadays, of course there is a real possibility of picking up bad habits with hand positioning and misinformation. But even still, to reproduce high quality performances and reach a decent level of proficiency, sheet music will still be required.

What is The Level of Perfection You Are Striving for?

I am pretty much an antiperfeccionist, because I believe that done is better than perfect, in the end what always matter is results, be it with classical guitar or anything else.

Have a Goal for When You Want to Be Proficient at the Classical Guitar Piece

By being very methodical in life, people think that this is bad and restrictive, but it is actually freedom. I am writing this article on a schedule, I have set goals for the week and a specific plan for months ahead of time, and is only because of this that I can measure results and readjust, not wasting time and keeping things real, something that is very possible to do with classical guitar.

Know the Time to Move On

The last song I have learned on the classical guitar was Ragnarok’s theme of prontera, not many of you will know this song, but it comes from a wonderful game I played in my childhood and teenage years. That is another important factor, playing music I really like keeps me motivated.

The thing is that I finished learning the song and I wanted it to be too acurate. It took me 1 and a half months to finish it and then I decided to move on to the next thing.

Is it for Yourself or Professionaly?

Being a professional requires much more of you because now you are playing in front of an audience, and you cannot make mistakes when that happens.

You Will Know When it is Good Enough if You Are Doing It for Yourself

Playing in front of an audience would kill my passion for classical guitar as I would have to devote my whole life to it, be pressed with deadlines, and play pieces I don’t care about, not to mention the whole range of responsabilities that comes with it. A great benefit of playing for the joys of playing is that I can be my own judge when it comes to how good am I playing the song.

Professional Levels May Require Many Months More

While professionals play miles better than amateurs, they practice a whole lot more too. Even a regular level song, when performed in a concert, needs months more of practice depending on the guitarist proficiencies.

Do Not Kill Something You Love

You are going to call me a pessimist, but I digress, doing something you love is AWESOME, but doing it everyday because of external factors can kill the love and turn it into a chore.

It is Better to Play Classical Guitar if it is Not a Duty

You want to know what is a truly internal passion?

Then I will make the best proposition possible so that you can understand.

The world Is 2083, a devastating alien ship came and pulverized every single human on earth but you. Now you are alone and there is no more civilization, but everything on the planet remains.

Will you still play classical guitar?

Will you play classical guitar everyday for more than 6 hours a day to become the best classical guitar player you can be?

If the answer is no, then becoming pro might not be the best option in your life.

Turning a Passion into a Job Can Kill It Pretty Fast

The reality of life is that making a job out of a passion can kill it pretty fast. That often happens because humans are creatures of denial and resistance. We have an inclination to not want to things we are ordined to.

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