How Many Bananas Would It Take to Give You Radiation Poisoning?

The Toxicity of One Banana

So you have heard the rumors about the toxicity of bananas, well, there is nothing astounding or incredible when you look at the science of them, what is more important is that you will learn and be able to discern their toxicity with bananas precision.

What is the Banana Radiation Content?

A banana has a whopping 0.1 micro sievert of ionizing radiation, that is very insignificat considering that we need 3000 mili sierverts to go to heaven (or hell).

Comparing Banana’s Radioactiveness to a Chest X-Ray

Well, a medium sized banana contains about 420 mg of potassium, that quantity of potassium delivers about one hundreth of a mili rem (raditiation quantity). A normal chest X-ray on the other hand delivers 10 mili rems which is 1000 times more.

Everything is a Little Bit Radioactive

Unfortunately, in this warped universe we live in, everything contains its share of radiation, and any amount of radiation is poisonous to living things

Radiation is Happening Right Now

We cannot ever stop radiation from happening, this planet and all the others on the solar system are irradiated. The universe is filled with tremendously big nuclear reactors spitting insane amounts of radiation, yeah we are talking about stars.

Magnitute and Intensity is Everything

There are two important factors that determines if one will suffer from radiation poisoning:

  • Exposure time;
  • Intensity of said radiation.

Considering the incredible one micro sievert of ionizing radiation of one banana, you would need to ingest about 30 million bananas in one sitting.

I cannot eat even 5 bananas in a row…

How Much Radiation is Enough to Kill You?

To understand a topic, it is good to put stuff in perspective, just like how I showed you the quantity of bananas that are needed to kill a human.

How Many Oral X-Rays Are Enough to Be Deadly?

Ionizing radiation is cumulative, that means that it stays in your body, an intra-oral X-ray is one of those things, but before you quit going to the dentist because you read this, try to understand some facts. The amount of intra-oral X-rays that could possibly kill you is about 600,000.

You will not even live 600,000 days in your life

Putting Things in a Banana Perspective

If you were to consume a deadly amount of bananas within a day

How Many Bananas All of USA Eat in One Day

A regular american citizen eats roughly 103 bananas per day

  • Calculus: average american eats 27 pounds a year/ 0.26 pounds

There are about 328 million adults in america so that amount to about

  • 328 million people* 103 bananas/ person/ year = 34 billion Bananas

If we divide this number by 365 days in a year we can arrive at:

  • (34billion bananas/ year)/ 365 days a year = 93 millions banana per day.

So you would have to eat about 1/3 of what the whole america eats in one day, but only yourself.

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