How Much Is a Deadly Dose of Sugar?

Just How Much Sugar is Enough to Kill an Average Human?

So you were reading about the harms that sugar can do on the human body and now you want to know how much would be enough to kill a person, let’s dive right in.

The LD50 of Sugar

Everybody is different, that is a fact, however, scientists were smart enough to come up with a measurement that called LD50. The LD50 is a very interesting indicator. It measures with a certain amount of precision the lethal dose required to kill 50% of individuals given that dose per kg of body mass.

Even though they test on rat models, by making simple calculations it is possible to estimate how much would much would be deadly to a regular human.

Calculating Your Lethal Sugar Dose

Now that we know that the LD50 of sugar is about 30g of sugar per kilogram, I will use myself as an example. With my current weight (80kg), it is estimated that 2.4kg of sugar would give me a coinflip on whether I would live or not. If I were to eat 4.8kg of sugar (double the LD50 for me), death is very likely to occur.

Anything in Enough Quantities is Enough to Kill a Person

Too much of anything can kill you, they even say that aging is a disease. The true question is if you can or would consume so much sugar that you would die within the same day.

Even Water Could Kill You

Yes, you have read it right, even water can become a death sentence if you drink too much of it.

There was an event held in 2007 called “Hold your wee for a wii”. In that event the contest was to see whoever drank the biggest amount of water, the person who wins would be awarded with a Nintendo Wii.

This contest had a very bad ending when a poor mother died of water intoxication trying to win a Nintendo Wii for her children.

Living too Much Will Cause Your Death

Anything can kill a person, unfortunately. Researchers have recently found that biological aging is a disease, so basically, you will die of too much living.

The trick of life is to live within the limits and respect what nature has intended for us.

Also, too much sugar will lead to hyperglycemia, which will evolve into diabetes.

Would a Normal Person Be Able to Consume that Much Sugar in a Day?

To very fair, the simple answer is that if you are not a freak of nature or a seasoned veteran on eating competitions, you will not be able to do it.

Very Unlikely Unless You Are Matt Stonie or Similar

Have you ever seen a Matt Stonie video?

That guy can eat the whole world if we let it, if you cannot do something like that then it is very unlikely that you be able to consume so much sugar that you will surpass your LD50, but for the love of god, do not attempt it.

Let’s Talk Quantities

For an average male person, about 80kg, 5kg would be needed to kill with certain accuracy. Well, 5kg of sugar is something close to 19000 calories, that is like 10 times the average calorie intake. The only way I can imagine someone consuming that many calories is with extreme quantities of sweetened beverages like soda, which leads to our next point.

Suggary Drinks Are the Easiest Way to Deteriorate Your Health

A couple of days ago I was reading the Ultramind Solution by Mark Hyman and the book is simply amazing, the amount of condensed knowledge he drops at that book is insane, but one of the things Mark preaches a lot is that sodas are very unhealthy and deciding to quit them is one of the single best decisions you can make.

More than 17000 Worldwide Adults Death Are Linked to Suggary Drinks Overcomsumption

Sugar sweetened drinks are the cause of many deaths worldwide, but I would go on a limb here and say that sugary links contribute to so much more health problems. I cannot think of one positive thing that pop does for us.

Sugary Drinks Are Tastier and Pair Well with Most Foods and Occasions

The problem is that sugary drinks, not only sodas, are very tasty and perfect for many occasions. Trying to quit these types of beverages can prove to be very difficult. I have stopped drinking sodas for more than 5 years and from time to time I still feel the urge to drink Fanta Grape.

Sugar is a Silent Killer Even in Non Deadly Doses

Even though sugar does not have massive potential to kill you in a normal meal, consuming sugar frequently has showed time and time again to cause illness of the most diversity over time.

Cardiovascular Diseases Are Getting More and More Linked to Added Sugars

I could not make this article without mentioning the debilitating effects of eating too much sugar has on your heart.

Too much sugar everyday makes insulin become chronically high, that in turn causes too much inflamation that hurt our blood vessels leading to cardiovascular problems.

Cancer and Diabetes Feed on Sugar

Some specialist says that sugar is like candy for cancerous cells. Take a moment to digest that.

I do not even need to mention that type 2 diabetes and sugar are best friends forever.

What Would Happen if You Kept Eating Near Fatal Sugar Doses for a Few Days?

What if did not eat a deadly dose of sugar everyday, but instead consume a very high amount for weeks or months?

Putting Things in Perspective from a Quantitative View

Do you know how much much you would need to eat a very high amount of sugar, lets say half a kilogram?

That is about 55 oranges in one day, a lot!

But when we talk about sweetened beverages it becomes more possible, it is about 40 cans of coke a day.

What Would Likely Happen?

Our body cannot process that much sugar at once, so to start, your insulin and blood sugar would spike uncontrollably and you would suffer lots of symptoms including:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

In extreme circumstances you could get into diabetic acidosis which could make you die in a few days.

Do not gamble with your health, processed sugar is not good for the body, do not engage in extreme consumption like the cases cited in this article, stay safe.

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