How Much Weight Will I Lose by Not Eating For a Week?

#DISCLAIMER: Fasting for more than 2 days can be dangerous, use this information at your own risk

The First Three Days Will Be Horrible

Expect the first days to be awful, fasting too abruptly will put a strain on your body like nothing else. Doing this can be harmful.

Total Lack of Energy and Feeling Like a Zombie

You will feel bad, period. Eating less means less energy entering the body. Your body loves a constant flow of energy because it ensures survival. Our bodies will do whatever it can to increase changes of survival, that is what it was designed for.

Hunger Pains and Headaches

Hunger will dominate your mind on the first days. Headaches are also going to be a problem, so watch out for those. Remember that if your body is signaling too much pain, maybe its time to stop the fast altogether.

When Does the Fasting Becomes Bearable?

The fasting is painsome until the third day for most people, after that it gets a little better

The Golden Days

On the fourth day you most people start to feel awesome

Sleep and Energy Can Return to Normal

Sleep is fundamental as it will regulate hormones that contribute to overall hunger

How Much Weight Can You Lose on a Week of Not Eating?

This depends very much on the person’s fitness level, age and body fat percentage.

A Lot of Weight Actually

Most people can expect to losse lots of weight. A Pound Is 3500 calories, just from that alone you can make your math. Most people burn 2000 calories a day.

So 2000 calories * 7 days = 14000 calories

Divide that by 3500 and you have got a whopping 4 lbs lost in a week.

Weight Loss Differs According to Starting Weight

Just go watch My 600-lb Life, doctor Nowzaradan mentions several times that the heavier the person is, the more they can lose in a short timespan.

Some Weeklong Fasting Tips

I am going to give you some crucial tips regarding safety measures to be taken when fasting.

Watch Out for Body Signs that the Fasting is Harming Your Body

There is stuff you should look for when fasting, things like:

  • Vomiting or nausea for more than a day
  • Constant low blood pressure
  • Unusual heart rate patterns
  • Diarrhea
  • Constant low blood sugar

If any of those come up you need to break the fasting, because, sadly, your body is not responding well to it.

Be Careful When Re-Feeding

Eat a light soup so your body can recover faster

Beware of the Yoyo Effect After Fasting for a Week

One of the most saddening things on earth is putting ravenous effort into a task only to lose its results shortly after.

Use it as a Reset for Your Eating Habits

Fasting can reset some eating habits. Some people see it as a clean slate, after the fasting they use that weight loss a motivation to eat cleaner than ever. Take participation in this group of people.

You Will Want to Eat a Lot After Fasting for a Week

Eating less sucks…

That is why you will crave salty and fatty foods after fasting. Your body will be desperate for calories, and so are you. Switch your mindset, see it as an opportunity to start over with clean eating.

Good Luck on Your Week Long Fasting Journey

I wish you all the best on you fasting journey. I sincerely hope the tips provided in this article will make things go smoother for you.

Space Out Your Fasting Journeys

Do not fast for too long. Try to space out, when you feel awesome and ready to fast again, do it.

Be Proud of Your Discipline and New Bodyweight

It is time to celebrate, just do not celebrate with junk food. Take a nice piece of dark chocolate, eat a refreshing fruit popsicle, be resourceful and do not let the ball drop.

Celebrations can also come in many forms that does not require food, just like:

  • Going out partying
  • Playing videogames
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Preparing an extra romantic night

These, and other 1000 things you can come up with.

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