How to choose a Running shirt with zippered pocket.

Should I have a pocket in the back, at the front, or even the sides?

This has a simple answer.

Because the pockets are zippered it doesn’t matter that much as there will be no security issues, but it’s a weird unpleasent sensation to have things juggling on one side of the body only, so that’s a weight distribution problem.

It doesn’t matter then?

To me, it’s more important to keep things centered, so that’s my basis towards the opinion that it should be at front or back.

As a matter of fact, should I even have a running shirt with a zippered pocket ?

The advantages of having a zippered pocket

There you go, you leave the house and go for a jog, you have to carry your personal identifications, sometimes an Ipod and headphones.

Well, if you just went running and you do not intend on carrying heavy items, running shirts with zippered pockets may be the ideal choice for you.


Also, unlike an open pocket, you can run with heightened tranquility as you won’t have to worry about things falling out of your pocket every time you are running.

What a running shirt with zippered pocket best use is?

Running shirts are are light, as a result, the cloth will inevitably juggle as you make fast paced body movements like running, for example,

It does not matter how fit the shirt is, it will move a little bit when you run, and we do not like to feel heavy stuff juggling against our body while running.

Because of this, you should carry lightweight items

Here are some great running shirts to make your running easier

The running shirts we are about to show you came from very thorough research, considering all factors cited above, we put together a list containing some recommendations.

These are our expert picks:
  • This is just a basic all around great option for runners who wants to meet the criteria we discussed about.
  • The pocket is in the back of the shirt.

  • Also, not made for runners, but travelers, but it fits the bill.
  • It has a plus, the pockets are hidden so people with bad intentions will have a tough time spotting your personal items.

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