How to Connect Spdif from 9500gt Sound

You Cannot Do It If You Have a Older Model

If you have an older model, chances are that it will not be compatible with spdif technology, so you need to check that first on your card.

The Older Models Do Not Have a HDMI plug

Older version of videocards in the 9500GT, 9600GT, 9800GT, GTX 260 and GTS 250 series, probably won’t have the HDMI to begin with, so as a result, SPDIF also won’t be there to interconnect with the motherboard.

Don’t be Scared, it is Just a Simple Plug You Have to Connect Beetwen the Motherboard and Your GFX Card

The procedure I am about to show in this article is very simple, so even a newbie should be able to follow without much problems, but when you are opening your computer to make changes, there is always a chance, no matter how small, of things going south, so do it at your own risk.

It Will Probably Work for 9600GT, 9800GT, 9800GTX+

Those video cards have very similar interfaces, so if you are seeing this tutorial and I am using a different card, chances are your card will use a very similar method, or even the same, so stick with me.

Your Videocard Only Needs a HDMI Input and a SPDIF input

If your videocard meets these 2 criteria, then you should be good to go, you would think that naturally, because these cards have HDMI, sound would be built in the connection, but that is not the case, what you have to do instead, is make your motherboard and your videocard communicate through the spdif connection located both at your video card and the motherboard.

It Helps to Have Your Videocard Manual Available

I will assist you in doing this, but having the video card manual will make things more simple and visual for you, because you will have only my example as reference, if your card is different you may be confused on how to do it, but it is always very similar, so you should figure it out

You Will Need 2 or More of These Cables

These cables are called Dupont female-to-female Jumper Wires, it is a simple electrical conductor wire, it will conduct the electrical pulses of your spdifOUT on your motherboard to your videocard spdifIN.

You Can Buy These from Aliexpress Very Cheap

You can buy them from amazon, aliexpress or wherever you like, a pack of 120 and of these usually costs around 6 bucks, but you will only need two.

Your Local Electronics or Hardware Store Should Have It

These cables have nothing special in them, you should be able to get them at your local hardware or electronics store.

A Special Cable is not Needed

There is no catch, no pretty interface, you just need the cables and you are good to go.

There is No Built-in Interface

They won’t process the signal in any way, their only job is to conduct the electrical pulses coming out of the motherboard into your graphics card, which in turn will process them and send it to your TV through the HDMI cable.

Don’t be Fooled by Pretty Packaging

Some people will try to sell you “special spdif cables”, don’t be fooled, these are simple wire conductors with female connectors at both ends.

Do It Yourself

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It is Really Easy to Do It

First things, take the screws of the lateral panel, now slide it off. Your PC should be wide open now, great, remove the screws that keep your graphics card in place.

Now unlock the protection on the motherboard right beneath your graphics card.

Remove the graphics card

Locate the spdifIN connection.

Connect the spdifin of the videocard on the spdifout of the motherboard, just do not invert the cables while connecting on the motherboard.

Now connect ground of the videocard to ground of the motherboard.

Just Take Appropriate Safety Measures to Not Damage Any PC Parts

First of all, you have to discharge yourself of any static eletricity in your body, you can do this by grabbing the bare metal of your PC case or power supply.

Choosing the Right Sound Settings After Doing it

After you are done with getting your hands dirty, now it’s time to configure the sound settings on windows.

Open Windows Sound Settings

Turn on your computer as usual, now open sound settings clicking here:

Then choose SPDIFout.

Enjoy Your Audio !!!

Enjoy your songs, movies, whatever rocks your boat, now your sound should be good to go, if it’s still not working, check to see if there aren’t any wrong wiring connections.

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