How to Moderate Your Gaming Time?

Some Hard Truths Before I Get into the Gold

For gaming addicts, moderation is not possible, period. However, there is a slight chance of conquering the addiction with time and awareness. If you deeply struggle with moderation, realise that you are not alone. I am proof that moderation is possible, but it is not for everyone.

95% of Ex-Gaming Addicts Will Fail to Moderate

Stop being irrational. If you were able to moderate, you would not have a problem with gaming. How many times have you tried to moderate with ravenous commitment, only to let it all fall apart days later?

Trying to moderate when you have a problem is like walking on a mine field, one wrong move and things start to explode out of control.

Moderation is an Uphill Battle that Needs Constant Monitoring

You need to have bright lines when it comes to gaming time, so you know when you are screwing up. When gaming in moderation, you need to be aware of your screen time, but only all the time.

Find Something Greater than Gaming First

Without a greater purpose besides gaming, there will not be any reasons for you to stop gaming when time is up. Too much freedom can bind you to the gaming chair.

I Tought Purpose Was Meaningless Until I Experienced it

In order to moderate my gaming time successfully, one thing I needed to do was to quit for a while. I stopped playing any games whatsoever for about 45 days. In that period of less than two months I experienced the power of purpose. I read books that changed my outlook on life, and this website was created.

Gaming is Harder to Manage Without a Goal

You need something that gives your future something to hope for.

Working with Moderation in Gaming

Now that you are aware of the dangers of moderation, we can discuss moderation strategies that work best.

Set Strict Limits Around Your Gaming Time

Make an individual worksheet in excel or google docs that will contain all your gaming informations. If you do not know excel, go learn it, it is an invaluable skill to have in life.

Learn to Disattach Fast from Gaming

The truth is that your goal with moderating gaming, is to have a life outside it. Too often, gaming thoughts stain our daily lifes making us unable to concentrate on tasks that matter. You need to severe that connection. Compartmentalize completely, enjoy your gaming time to the fullest while de-attaching from it when it ends.

Be Aware that You Are Walking on a Dangerous Path

Even if you were not a gaming addict, become aware that if you are having trouble with moderation, addiction is right on its way.

Games Are Designed to Create Addiction

Skinner box games like League of Legends, CS GO, Dota 2 and Fortnite are games designed to keep you in an infinite loop. That is true, just observe the mighty gaming industry tools like:

  • Ramdomized prizes given in loot boxes
  • A thrilling ranked system.
  • Daily quests
  • Measurable progress
  • Grinding to get results

Learn to Abstain If You Feel the Pull from Gaming

Sometimes you might feel a pull towards gaming, meaning that it is starting to grasp control over your life again. Remember, getting your attention and money are the primary goals of companies. You are not broken; you just need some time to heal.

Monitor Your Gaming Time While Playing in Moderation

Monitoring your gaming time is the most effective tool to better determine wheter or not your gaming behaviour is getting out of control.

It is Easy to Lie to Ourselves When We Are Trying to Game in Moderation

You need to have valuable data, if you do not commit yourself to tracking gaming time, you will eventually start lying to yourself. Number do not lie, start being accountable, you only solve a problem by noticing it first.

Keep a Failure Counter to Reality Check Your Moderation in Gaming

Always keep a failure checker to determine your moderation success rate, like I previously said, an excel spreadsheet can solve this issue.

Gaming in Moderation Final Considerations

Moderation is tough, but not impossible, to be part of the 5% of ex-addicts who make it, you need to have a mindset that the 95% do not.

Gaming in Moderation Often Fails Because the Line Gets Too Blurry

Not playing at all, that is a very clearly defined rule. Playing 2 hours seems clear on the surface, but what if you are playing online, with friends?

It starts to get tricky. People often fail, because they do not realize that a tiny slip, rapidly evolves into a gargantuan black hole.

Accept Who You Are to Make Peace with Gaming

You have a gaming problem and you need to iron out this issue, that is completely okay, accept that. You are miles ahead from a gaming addict in denial. You can now can start taking steps to solve this problem.

While this is a subject for another article, always start with

  • Why I cannot stop playing this game when the time is up?
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