How to Not Tilt While Playing LOL

Realize You Cannot Control Your Teammates in LOL

Why on earth are you expecting your teammates to do the right play, know their champion, or even better, play seriously?

This is League of Legends, the truest clown fiesta ever created. If you are tryharding, you absolutely need to adjust yourself accordingly.

Do Not Trust 4 Other Random People

I am writing from the soul in here, do not fall for the same trap I have. From multiple arguments with the girlfriend, to neglecting family, loved ones, you name it, I sacrificed everything for this game.

The reason I wrote all this is to illustrate how extremely tilted I got when RIOT matchmaking system dealt me bad teammates.

The first step to un**** myself was to change some patterns of thought. First I had to realize and remember that every game is a roulette, so there is absolutely no reason to be mad or pissed when you are unlucky, that is just the way LOL is, and with that, I learned to not trust my teammates at all. They are not my friends, I do not know them, so there is also no need to trust them.

There is Always a Chance of a Smurf on the other Team

Unless you are smurfing, there is actually a higher chance of having a smurf on the other team.

Look, if someone on the other team is smurfing, do not expect to suddenly start playing better than someone who is 3 or 4 tiers above you, they play better than you. At this point, you can only do your best, like you would do on any game.

Rank Does Not Matter

Do you think your rank matter?

How old are you?

I will tell you my story, perhaps you are different and I am just a bitter loser, but there is also a chance that this is exactly your case and I can save you years of frustration.

It Becomes more than Just a Game Only for 0.001%

So I just turned 24 years old last month and I can honestly say with all my heart that I regret having played so much league of legends, especially in the way I played.

I lost the best part of my twenties because of this game, my motivation for everything else waned tremendously and I neglected every important aspect of my life, now my health sucks, my financial outlook sucks, even my future seems like garbage.

Maybe you already did the same, maybe you are just starting. But I assure you, my ELO seeking journey through more than 8000 matches gave me nothing more than regret in the long run.

You Either Are or Will Get Stuck on Your True Elo Eventually

In the end, League is also probabilities game. The only true way to increase your winning chances overtime is to actually play better, so even though the current match looks like garbage, if you stretch your vision towards the horizon, you will see that one match does not matter, if you are truly good, you will climb.

Play to Improve

You cannot predict the future, that is a fact. There is another thing you cannot predict or control, and that is other people, nothing is stopping faker from smurfing on the other team.

Nothing is stopping argument with your family from happening and ruining your mood those making you more susceptible to tilting.

Playing to Improve Place Your Focus on What Matters in LOL

I am repeating myself by saying that getting good is the only way to climb in LOL, that’s because it’s true.

There is no point in playing the game just to be carried by your teammates, that’s unrealistic and is certainly not going to happen. What you need to do instead is to always look for an edge over the map or lane.

There is a vast list of skills that can be improved in-game while playing, things like csing, micro, macro, map awareness, warding and so on.

Getting Good is the Only Thing That is Going to Move You Forward in LOL

The only thing that can get you through whatever decision you find yourself in is by mastering each aspect of the game, but you can always remember that the chances of you going pro are rather slim, so you shouldn’t bother trying to be perfect every single time, playing with friends is infinitely more enjoyable and can make you have a better time whenever you play.

Become Aware to the Fact that Not Everyone Play for the Same Reason as You

The realize that not everyone is going to play the game as fiercely as you of the things that took me a long time to realize was that I couldn’t control my teammates, trying to do so it’s a losing game because your getting to focus out of your gameplay and into someone else’s mistakes.

Some People Will Not Face the Match Seriously

How many matches have you played?

200?, 500?, Maybe a thousands matches, it doesn’t matter how many matches you have played actually, because I am pretty sure that you have encountered many trolls, inters, AFKS, and why does that happen?

When people are playing league of legends they have different motivations, there is nothing inherently wrong with that, the problem is that you are expecting something different, you are expecting all teammates to take the match seriously and that ain’t gonna happen. some people will play the match just to enjoy themselves, there are other people that will play the game just to troll, some people are using your match as a way to vent.

A Person can Int, Get Tilted or Give More Easily than You

Okay let’s pretend you are juggling, you are on your way to the botlane and then you make a bad call, killing one or two of your teammates, that causes a chain reaction of tilt which will cause a butterfly effect, that single mistake can solely lead your team to defeat, that would make you feel like it was your fault because you tilted your bottom lane.and while must feel true to you that is certainly not the case, if you were in their shoes what would you do, you wouldn’t throw the match just because someone else on your team made a bad mistake right?

Take a Break to Prevent Further Losses

there is going to be a time where league of legends is not going to give you any sort of pleasure anymore, that’s it a very strong sign that you should stop, if you continue to play you are only going to hurt your ego your self-esteem your relationships and everything else.

Take a Da** Break from LOL

Bro how long have you been playing this game, you have to stop, I know you don’t like to hear pep talks but you need to, I don’t know how old you are but I don’t want to to end up just like I did, because league of legends it’s a game that is so competitive we often replace the competitiveness in our own lives with the game, and when that happens over time become a very very unpleasant human being to be around, so do yourself and your family and your loved ones a favor, take dang break from league of legends

Retire from the LOL Chat

I am sure that I don’t have to tell you that the league of legends chat it’s one of the most toxic places that ever have existed on earth, much of this article is based around telling you that you should not interact with your teammates if you don’t want to tilt, turning off the all chats and even your own chat it’s going to give you an edge over your opponents and even over your own team because know you were exclusively focusing on your own gameplay, how many times have you lost a game because you were typing in chat trying to convince your teammates that what he was doing was wrong or unnecessary or not the optimal play only to find yourself playing worse and worse as a result of not focusing on your own gameplay?

Think About How People You Love Will Perceive You

I want you to take some time and think about how the people you love see you when you are in your tilted state. Maybe bringing some awareness to how you reacts to an online game, because that’s all it is, just a game, maybe that can make you feel ready to make a change.

Look from Their Perspective on Your LOL Behaviors.

If you have time to play league of legends all day long, then there is a very high chance that you still live with your parents, well, if that is the case, then think about what they are thinking about their son that they raised with so much love when they hear you screaming or banging your head against the wall or making strange noises, locked around in your room all day long.

You know what they feel?

They feel like a failure, that they raised their child wrong.

I am pretty sure that you want your parents to be proud of you, not only your parents I am talking about everyone you love, so stop taking this game so seriously and start taking life seriously.

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