How to Protect Your Nails from Breaking When Playing Classical Guitar?

Avoid Agreesive Techniques if Your Nails Are Frail

I know from experience that exerting too much force on strings is a fast way to shorten your long nails timespan.

Flamenco Guitar Techniques Are Tougher on Your Nails

Flamenco guitar is something that is detrimental to your fingernails unless you take really good care of them. Flamenco piccata and other faster techniques can break your fingernails in a snap without proper care.

Avoid Steel String Guitars Like the Plague

Steel string guitars have a very unique sound that is great for modern pop songs. But when we are talking about what they can do to your nails, it is simply horrendous. A steel string guitar will require you to take extreme care of your fingernails in order to prevent them from breaking.

Avoid Intensive Manual Labor

During that intense workout, using many barbells and dumbbells is something that can ruin your fingernails in an instant. Things like cleaning the house and lifting heavy objects are key components to be aware of.

Moving Heavy Objects is Dangerous for Your Fingernails

Heavy objects often are very hard, and tough surfaces are nails biggest enemies. You need to pay extra attention when handling heavy stuff.

Become More Aware of Your Hands While Not Practicing

Too many people stop caring about their fingernails after being done with the guitar practicing session. That is dangerous for your nails because they break when we least expect. If you have a habit of bitting your nails, you need to stop immediatelly.

If you catch yourself in the middle of your nail bitting habit, those little tears you caused can be a rupture point when you play.

Change Your Diet and Fingernails Care

Playing the guitar is not easy, if did not think that lifestyle changes would be needed in order to become an excelent guitarist, I have got bad news for you.

Avoid Extremely Hot Temperatures

Extreme hot temperatures, ones that can be experienced in hot showers can be detrimental to your nail’s health.

Nutritional Supplements Will Aid Your Fingernail’s Health

There is a vast gamma of supplements designed to improve nails strenght and resistance in general. While this is not a featured article, using these can help immensely with your nail’s shape longevity. Nutritional supplements will fortify your nails by supplying them with the required nutrients.

Use Fingernails Fortifiers

Fingernail fortifiers can be miraculous, as they will shield your nails with a thick layer of protection.

Some People Are Just Lucky with Fingernails

Some lucky fellas have it easy when it comes to fingernails. Sometimes it just comes naturally, a thick and hard nail. While I envy those kinds of people, I know that with a little bit of effort I can obtain similar results.

Use Some Fingernail Product to Prevent them from Breaking Easily

A lot of classical guitarists recommend Hard as Nails as a nail fortifier. It is just a liquid that dries quickly becoming a hardened shell above your nails. Using nail fortifiers are not an excuse to reduce awareness when engaging in manual labor. Hitting something hard may still break them.

Keep You Fingernails on the Shorter Side

There are many classical guitarists that are big proponents of using shorter nails. This way they become easier to maintain.

Experiment with Shorter Fingernails

Having shorter nails may even improve the sound you get out of the guitar. A faster release from the strings can yield a more impactful tone. There is also the benefit of not having to explain when you exhibit those long nails in public.

What to do If You Do Not Enjoy the Sound of Shorter Nails?

Well, you need to experiment, how short can you leave your nails while still getting an acceptable sound with the classical guitar. If you tried everything and nothing worked then you might have to stick with longer nails.

Perform Regular Maintenance

This is one of the best tips of this article. By implementing regular nail checkups and adjustments, you can prevent most nail’s breakage.

Micro Tearing Are Cracks from Which It All Starts

You know what I am talking about, those little imperfections in your nails. These are the critical points from which your nails might break in the future. The solution to this is to use a simple nail polisher to prevent those micro cracks from increasing.

Never Use a Nailclipper

A nail clipper can be used to roughly form the shape you want to give your nails. After this stage, nail clippers are not precise enough to give your nails the care they need. Excelent guitarist use very fine polishers to give their nails a professional finish.

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