How to Quit League of Legends

Quit League of Legends Despite How Fun It is

This is one the hardest things I have done in my entire life, no doubts, quitting this game, at least it felt like it was like quitting actual drugs.

League of Legends is Fun as Hell

Oh boy, I started playing in season 3, and played for 7 years, but the last 4 years have been soul crushing to say the least.

League is fun, you get to be the hero of the match if you are really good, and it feels A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Carrying your teammates and winning the match makes you feel like a god.

People are VERY engaging in the chat, and they will praise you for being an excelent player, on the other hand, they will curse you hard if you make the slightest mistake, thank god it doesn’t have built in voice chat for solo queue.

League of Legends Satisfy Your Competitive Edges

Well, if you are reading this, YOU KNOW, league of legends and it’s ranking system, people live for this game, if you download or porofessor and play some games, you will see some players with 3000 games into the season, sad thing I lived this and know how it is

You’ve Got to Have a Monstruous Why

League of legends gives you many things, people say:

Bro you are not gonna achieve anything in life if you keep playing this game.

They can’t see that this game fulfills many of our deep needs, you know it, you want to climb the ladder because you want to feel better about yourself, raise your self esteem.

You can talk to other people while in the game (social needs).

You fulfill your competitive desire completely.

And that is exactly why you should have a very strong why to keep yourself off of this.

Every Person Needs to Stop Playing for Different Reasons

For some people is because they are neglecting their family, for others it may be because they are not focusing on what truly matters for them.

The key lesson that I would be happy if you take away from this is, make a journal, at some place that you will regularly see it, you are a smart person, and I am sure you are going to figure a way to keep your privacy while letting your true self talk about your problems with this game.

The StopGaming Reddit Community is Awesome

You don’t have to dig a hole so deep as mine to realise that you should stop this now, go to stopgaming community in reddit and read the top posts, make your own wiki with stories about the people there, and how you do not want to end up like them.

Well, I Will Just Moderate Then

You have to turn the page on this game, if you want to moderate, QUIT at least for a while and follow the methods I am going to give you right now.

QUIT for at Least 90 Days

Your brain is on a dark place right now, I KNOW IT CERTAINLY IS, I have been there, you can lie to yourself, but I am not taking this bull****, so if you want a shot a moderation, heal yourself first.

Delete ALL your accounts

If you are an addict like I was playing this game, you have to do it, disattach yourself from your beloved accounts and start over, with a different intent in mind this time, if you are to use this game as a tool for satisfying your desires, the at least do it right

Not playing at all is best because you prevent your old habits from creeping up and taking you over, but if you want to give a shot at moderation, TAKE IT SERIOUSLY, we are talking about your life here.

It Takes Time to Get Back on Track in Life

If you quit the game, your life will suck immediately, boredom will consume your soul after you realize that you don’t have a crutch to hang on when problems arise, bad thoughts take over and life turn into chaos

This is Another Strong Reason for Being Military Like Serious About Moderation

Each time you screw up at playing League of Legends like a crack cocaine addict, you will undeniably need time to heal, time for your brain to go back to normal, because your brain right now is like a dopamine monkey, and it will do ANYTHING to get it from it’s prefered source.

Embrace Your Life as It is After Quitting LOL

If you were truly addicted to League of Legends, then you probably neglected everything, you probably still live with your parents but doesn’t have a good relationship with them, you either don’t have a girlfriend or she hates you for not wanting to be better in life, you suck at college or is barely getting through, getting a job is a joke to you and so on.

But this is a better place to be, because you were blind to all of this, and people that cannot see their problems, cannot solve them.

Would You Bet Your Life on Becoming Pro/Streamer/Famous ?

Some of us carry that sensation that one day we will be good enough to live playing the game that we love the most, this can be true for some, but is it true for you?

How Old Are You

Answer honestly, if you are more than 20 and still not a pro or high challenger at least, you are NOT becoming a pro, at least not so soon, you can become a streamer maybe, but are you willing to bet your whole life on it?

The game changes, life changes, your family, friends and loved ones get older, do you want to live this life forever?

Do you think it is sustainable?

Think for yourself, untangle the mess you have made deep in your brain and set yourself free from your limiting beliefs.

Being an LOL eSports Player is HARDER Than Almost Any Job

Forget your family, forget a loving wife, forget life, because you will have to spend 16 hours a day playing, unless you are insanely smart, talented and have already massive high elo experience playing the game.

Think 10 Years into the Future

If you were to keep doing what you are already doing for 10 years straight, where do you think you are going to be?

Is the Game Even Going to Exist?

RIOT GAMES is a company, if something goes south, do you think they are going to care about your account?

The cash you’ve put into the game?

The TIME you wasted playing?

Everything you did for years upon years down the drain, just like that.

Your Account Can Be Banned

League of legends is a very passionate game, we all know that, people talk stuff they shouldn’t, things they would never say to a friend or family, the game consumes their minds and it is a very enraging experience, and after all has been said and done, RIOT has the right to simply ban you from the game.

Well, but that is just the icing on the cake, what if you have internet problems?

They can ban you for that too.

So don’t think you are entitled to anything, RIOT has full final decision on what happens with your account, you are simply a very tiny cog in their wheel.

RIOT games isn’t evil or out to get you, they have made an excelent game with good hooks, and you have fallen for it, that’s it.

You Don’t Keep the Skills Developed with Years of Hard Work

This isn’t piano or classical guitar, if the server closes 20, 30 years from now, doing that perfect katarina combo is worthless now.

Everything Just Matters at That Moment Only in LOL

League of Legends is an online game, just that, you can be the best of the server today, but if you stop playing for 2 years, the game will have changed massively, and much of your skills will have been lost, only in 2 years.

Compare that to being a Chef for example, they can not cook for a decade but still be an excelent chef because their skills are timeless.

Stop Playing Like Your Life Depend on It

Picture yourself playing 10000 hours in a decade, think again but now you have played a 1000 hours, do it again with 0 hours.

In which scenario your life would look best?

This is an important distinction to make, because seeing things from a distance make us rethink what is truly important.

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