How to Stop a Bad Habit of Biting Nails?

Reasons Why You Byte Your Nails

My nails look so gross that going to the manicure feels embarassing, all of this because I byte my nails. It is actually hard for me not to byte them even though I know doing this is bad for me, maybe that is what they call addiction. There are some common reasons that people byte their nails, they range from:

  • Too much stress caused by work, social relationships and life as a whole;
  • Anxiety
  • Almost every form of fear
  • Boredom
  • Out of habit
  • Because of perfectionism (next topic)

Some People Cannot Stand Rough Edges on Nails

Truth be said, countless people byte their nails because of those bloody rough edges. Oh those effing rough edges look awful, not to mention their hook like abbilities.

The problem though, is that biting them never solves the problem, no matter how sharp your teeth is. Instead of filing or clipping them, your lazy brain decides to byte them, making the roughness worse. It is the classic definition of vicios cycle.

Keep Clippers and Files with You All the Time

A file and clipper is all you need to erase this issue. Both of these tools are light and small, thus easy to carry.

My advice is to kill two birds with one stone. Whenever you bored, clip or file them. With this solution, you slay the bad habit of biting your nails and make them look great.

The Rubber Band Method for Stop Biting Nails

This is a sort of Pavlov’s dog experiment. The difference is that you are the dog. A simple rubber band can enormously aid you in breaking any bad habit, including biting your nails.

Get a Thick Rubber Band that You Like

Rubber bands comes in various sizes and types. Getting a good rubber band is fundamental to achieving success in this method. By getting a rubber band that fits the criteria, you will be taking advantage of the following benefits:

  • You will not want to take the rubber band off;
  • It will blend with your style;
  • A thick rubber band will sling harder; pain is good in this case;
  • You cannot get a black rubber band for discretion, if you have to wear it at work;

With the appropriate rubber band, it is time to move on to the next point, which is training yourself to hate biting your nails.

Train Your Brain to Hate Biting Fingernails

Make an oath, pact, promise or whatever you want to call it. Commit yourself to slang that bad boy on your wrist whenever you catch yourself biting your nails. By doing this, you are training yourself to:

  • Catch yourself everytime you are biting your nails;
  • Become aware that biting your nails is the wrong thing to do;
  • Feel the pain of the rubber band sling;
  • Associate negative behaviour with pain;
  • File your nails, a much needed plus;

Boost Your Fingernail’s Looks

The true test of addiction. Having your nails manicured and well taken care of feels refreshing. This feeling of organization and cleanliness can be another ally in your army on the combat of nail biting.

Get Your Nails Manicured

Go to a professional, they will make your nails look marvelous again. The paying part of the equation is also a boost. Now, by biting your nails, you are essentially burning money.

This double loaded guilt can prevent you from destroying your stunning nails.

Keep Them Nice and Clean

After getting them as presentable as possible, you need to ravenously maintain that. Keeping your nails clean and tidy will extend the manicurist work, along with the benefits mentioned above.

Tricks and Tips to Quit Biting Your Fingernails

One thing I found useful in my journey to discovering a way to quit biting my nails was using the delayed gratification mindset.

Use Delayed Gratification to Trick Yourself into Biting Your Nails Less

I want you to think about two scenarios and their enjoyment:

  1. You repeatedly byte your nails, no matter how short they get. The pain around them starts to build up, along with the bruises in your cuticles.
  2. You patiently delay your nail biting habit until they grow big. After they are big and yummy, you take that brutal byte that takes a giant nail strip in one sitting.

The second scenario seemed better, atleast to me. It keeps the habit at bay while being waaaay more satisfying.

Use that Weird Nail Hardener

A nail hardener will help you for 3 reasons:

  • Harder nails mean more difficulty to byte them off, the extra thickness can tremendously help;
  • The nail hardener gives a shiny surface on your nails, biting them can rinse that off causing them to look horrible;
  • It will make your nails stronger in the long haul;

Use Mavala Polisher to Stop Biting Your Fingernails

The mavala nail polisher brought a different spin on how to quit biting fingernails. It takes advantage of our taste buds;

Put a Disgusting Bitter Taste in Your Fingernails to Stop Biting Them

Some people love to pull off a hangnail, which can rip a meaty strip of your skin countless times. Using the Mavala Nail Polisher, you will be essentially applying a bitter tasting coat on your nails. That can prevent you from biting your nails, as doing it becomes disgusting.

One Finger at a Time

You know what they say…

“By the yard is hard, but inch by inch, life’s cinch” – Brian Tracy

Many people have to ease their way into breaking a bad habit. Untangling a lifelong negative behaviour is challenging.

Instead of gobbling up the courage to quit it altogether, start with one finger. Once you see success there, you will be motivated to transfer that triumph to the rest of the hand;

Keep Your Hands Busy to Stop Biting Your Fingernails

There is some value to be derived from the power of distraction. By keeping your hands busy, you will forget to byte your nails in no time.

Keep Something at Hand to Play with

Get a stress therapy ball; learn pen spinning techniques, doing this will tackle your problem from two angles:

  • Keep your hands occupied;
  • Release stress, which can lead to nail biting;

Hangnails are a nail byter’s nightmare. A cool trick you can use is to scribble your hangnails with a pen. This way you will have a constant visual reminder not to rip them off;

Visualize How Grossed Out Another Person Will Be When They See Your Nails

Do you think that your romantic partner enjoys that horrendous vision of self-torture?

I want you to visualize how gross people will be when they look at your ripped up hangnails. What about those giant rough edges in your nails?

Forbid people of that eeeewwwww moment, take care of those precious nails.

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