How to stop eating sweet things after dinner

This is a hard one.

There is no denying it, if you are like me and countless others who have a sweet tooth, you understand how hard it is to resist those urges to eat those sugary foods that we all love(my kryptonite is ice cream, just so you know).

I don’t know about you, but it feels like there are little diabolic creatures charming their way into making us eat sweet things after dinner.

To stop eating sweet things after dinner is certainly a hard task for those who have fallen in this pattern, but it is NOT impossible.

You can do it.

I will give you 7 ways to beat those cravings and drop those pounds you’ve been looking at so long.

1. Make a 100% strong commitment, written and documented.

Giving 99% is hard, but 100% is a breeze

2. Have a food diary(it’s easier than you think).

By keeping a log of what you eat, be in a notepad app on your phone or on a real notebook, will enable you to evaluate on your own actions and not make wrong judgements about what you could be doing better

Plus, it’ll will probably make you eat better even if it’s not after dinner.

3. Have a benefit list, and keep updating it as you live your life.

This is a free, healthy way of keeping yourself motivated through the urges that will certainly come, and it will make you want to actually do it over time if you make a habit of checking your list when a craving arises

4. Have a consequences list, and keep updating as life goes by

This is just the opposite, but it is just as powerful, if not more.

Thinking about getting diabetes, cancer, obesity and sluggish may motivate some people more than the positive effects.

5. Have a relapse journal.

We are not perfect, and that’s perfectly acceptable, it is okay, but learning from mistakes is a critical step in changing, and I mean, real change, so don’t be afraid to own up your mistakes, don’t beat yourself over it, just ask questions and what you want for your future self.

6. Have a visual food diary, and print it.

Reading a food list is good, but seeing what you ate is best, it can bring up more memories from what happened and keep things more real

7. Review and make decisions based on REAL, PERSONAL FEEDBACK.

If you implement every step of this list, it is really hard to imagine that there will be no positive change on the direction of your goals

If you do this, you can make lasting changes!.

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