How to Stop Your Headphones from Falling Out While Running?

The Best Solution is at the Store

If your headphones have a bad ear support built in them, then no amount of techniques or “hacks” will aid enough you in making those bad boys stay in place.

Buy Wireless Headphones

A lot of times, what stays between a great running session and your desire to listen to your favorite audiobook or music is the phone cord.

Nowadays things are getting much easier, you can buy a headphone that won’t come with the annoyances of a cable at a very affordable price.

They Are So Cheap Nowadays

You can buy good quality, well designed and waterproof designed wireless in-ear headphones for as little as 20 bucks, so even though you may feel like it is an unnecessary expense, think through everything a good pair of headphones can do for you, consider it an investment.

What if I Do Not Want to Buy Another Headphone?

This is the less than ideal situation, because there is little chance that the problem is in how you wear the headphones. Usually, the problem lies in the headphones themselves.

You are Gonna Need to Make Adaptions

Perhaps the only thing you need to do, considering you use wired earbuds, is to reduce the pressure that running puts towards pulling the earbuds down while running, to do that, you may consider doing a simple loop behind your ear instead of using the headphones the same way.

How to Choose a Headphone?

First thing, it should be a wireless headphone for better results, because too often, the headphone wire is the game culprit.

Make Sure It Comes with Your Earbuds Size

Although humans share many common traits, all of them are different, and that is no exception when we are talking about your ear canal. Sometimes manufacturers and companies don’t take into account that this is the case.

So always check the description to make sure that your earbuds come with different in-ear attachments and that one of them is right for you (even that may require some trial and error).

The Behind Neck Earbuds Are Best for Running

These types of headphones are specifically built for a better head support and are a sure bet on making your jogging smoother.

The advantage here is that there are brands and models that are even exclusively dedicated to making headphones that are suited for running above everything else.

The Golden Method

If you haven’t bought a headphone, then check this method out.

The Wrap Around Method

Developed by myself in times of need, this method is a foolprof way to make a wired headphone stay on your ear for however long you run, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Put one earbud on any ear
  2. Make a loop around your neck with the phone wire
  3. Put the other earbud on the remaining ear
  4. ???
  5. Profit

Why it Works

Okay so the technique I just showed you only really works with a wired headphone, because sometimes when we are running, the phone wire may tangle in our body while we run.

Also the phone wire should be long enough so we can wrap it around our necks.

This works because you create a larger surface of contact beetween the headphone wire and your body, allowing for a greater friction coeficient to exist, thus creating a safer falling free headphone jogging experience.

Humans Have Different Earshapes

We are all different, companies have not taken into account every type of ear design, because doing that would minimize profits, so we are stuck with having to look for alternatives.

Maybe it Has Something to Do with Your Ear Shape

As much as we would like to live in a perfect world where everything fits nicely for everyone, that is hardly the case. Our outer and in ear design are different, so maybe the standard headphone model didn’t fit your ear shape, causing the phones to fall out with greater range of motion activities, like running.

You Have Ear Wax on the Wrong Places

Maybe your perfect ear cleaning habit is causing more harm than good when we’re talking about running, removing all the wax from deep inside your ear canal may be good for giving that hygiene feel, but at the same time, you are spreading that thin layer of oil lke substance when you push the q-tip in and out everytime, causing the headphones to fall easier

Do NOT Switch to On Ear Headphones

I can hardly think of any benefits of using those jumbo beefed up versions of earbuds while running, besides a slightly better audio experience, which you will not notice that much because you will be running anyway

They Are Heavier

They are heavier, harder to carry due to their size and overall while running will not give you that much better of a music or podcast hearing experience, so there is no need to put yourself through this much discomfort with nothing to gain or enhace.

They Have More Room to Wiggle

You should have experienced this before, maybe doing a cardion session at home, maybe cleaning the dishes or doing laundry while using on ear headphones. They will inevitable wiggle a lot more due to their bigger weight, and they will also get more discomfortable overtime, unless they are super high quality (expensive).

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