I Always Get Nightmares When I Sleep on My Back

Terrifying Nightmares When Sleeping on Your Back

Bro, I get the worst nightmares while sleeping on my back, they are the worst possible you could ever imagine. The thing is that they are twisted and blend into different places where things get more and more out of control.

The Worst Nightmares Ever When I Sleep on My Back

Sometimes I dream I am in a zombie apocalypse. Sometimes I think nemesis is out to get me (I was a huge fan of resident evil series as a kid, so pardon me).

There are times that dreams try to scare me by killing people I love in that twisted scenario, and I wake up sentimental about It and hug them immediately.

Sometimes it Feels Like Someone is Suffocating You

This is one that is mental, sometimes I am sleeping on my back and I have a VERY REAL SENSATION that there is demon standing right above me chest. He looks directly in my eyes and it terrifying.

Sleep Apnea is the Most Likely Cause for Nightmares While Sleeping on Your Back

Granted, while researching for this article, lots of people online reported that sleep apnea was the master origin of their warped dreams.

Sleep Apnea Means Bad Oxygen Flow

Sleep apnea is bad for you regardless of wheter you are having nightmares or not. In my case, sleep apnea seems like a catalyst for bad dreams,

Ask Your Partner to Check Your Breathing if You Have One

Because I live with my girlfriend, it is easy for me to have someone check my breathing while I sleep. Actually, my girlfriend wakes me up several times because my snoring is so loud it disrupts her sleep.

Are Blanket Issue When Sleeping On Your Back?

Sometimes, the problem can be alleviated just by switching blankets, several people reported that higher temperatures and more pressure above their bodies contributed to nightmares and sleep detriment.

Too Many Blankets and Horrible Dreams

Well, remember I have told you that sometimes I feel a horrible presence above me while I sleep?

I am not a huge believer in spiritual beings and ghosts, so I am always happy when I find better answers than staying stuck with ethereal hypothesis.

It seems that too many blankets will contribute to having worse nightmares and apply a little bit of pressure that can result in those situations.

Your Blanket Might Be Too Heavy

For a blanket to work, it does not need to be heavy. Thanks to modern technology, nowadays we have fluffly blankets that keeps us warm and cozy, while still being light on our bodies.

Sleep Paralysis When Sleeping on Your Back

Sleep paralysis is terrifying, I hate when it happens to me, but for my disturbance, it happens a lot.

Sometimes I Wake Up My Partner with Weird Noises Because I Am Trying to Call for Help

Sometimes I try to mutter something so my girlfriend can hear so she wakes me up from that nightmare.

Sleep Paralysis is Frightening

Not being able to move limbs or even your mouth is something I do not wish even to my worst enemies (hope I do not have that many enemies though), There comes that uncertainty that kills you with anxiety, a horror movie goes through your head, it almost makes you doubt if you became tetraplegic overnight.

Get a Sleep Study Done to Know What is Exactly Wrong

Getting a sleep study done may be the single most important thing for your sleep health. Sleep doctors will be able to detect with pinpoint accuracy what the heck is happening with you.

Get a Sleep Study if You Do Not Want to Give Up Sleeping on Your Back

What is the alternative to not getting a sleep studying?

Dealing with doubts and uncertainty over what is causing these terrible nighmares to you. Also, one thing I notice is that atleast for me, 9 hours of sleep are needed in order for me to feel great. THAT IS HORRIBLE, because I have a partner that needs 8 hours, our sleep patterns tend to mismatch and that can be awful at times.

Try Different Sleeping Positions and Take Note

Try sleeping in every position possible (that is safe, obviously), after that, take notes and try to evaluate, what went better, or worse. If you hate going to the doctor, then you got to be resourceful, find a way to solve your sleeping problems. Stop sweeping this under the rug.

Stop Sleeping with Stomach Facing Up

I hate to say it, but my way of combating sleeping with my stomach facing up was to stop doing it entirely.

Quit Sleeping on Your Back

While sleeping on my stomach is not the best for my neck, atleast I wake up somewhat refreshed. Unfortunately, it still did not solve my terrible snoring problems, which makes my girlfriend wake me up several times so she can sleep.

See a Doctor if Nothing Helps

If you tried everything and nothing works, then it might be just the right time to see a doctor. No matter how bad you want to avoid it, they have things you do not:

  • Knowledge
  • Equipment
  • Medicine

Quit being stuborn and go see a doctor.

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