I Always Leave Things for Tomorrow

Stop Guilty Shaming Yourself for Leaving Things for Tomorrow

Guilt is your worst enemy when trying to correct a bad habit. Negative self talk creates an unhealthy loop where you do something bad, get guilty, and then do the very thing again to alleviate the pain.

You Were Not Your Own Creator

I have read on reddit a quote that changed the way I looked at life

“You did not create yourself”

It is very simple, true, but it removed some of the weight off my shoulders. It made me finally accept that there are things out of my control. Things like talent exist, so if I was born without it, I need to acknowledge that fact and work with it.

The Way You Talk to Yourself Matters

People report that change is faster and come more easily when we engage in positive self talk. Guilty shaming youserlf is only going to create more tension between who you are right now and the person you want to become.

Structure Your Time So You Can Get More Done Earlier

Start structuring your time, wake up earlier. DEAL WITH IT, stop putting things on the backburner.

The Way You Start Your Day is the Way You Finish Your Life

This article is only possible because I woke up early today, of course it was not easy. I have been waking up early (5:30 AM) for a while now. That is the number one thing that has helped me the most in terms of productivity.

Because I start my day with results, this empowers me to conquer a lot more as the day passes.

Sleep, Bad Habits and Nutrition Are Great Contributors

The fundamentals:

  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Diet

Unless you are some freak of nature, without having these 3 dialed in, doing good work that changes people’s lives is unlikely, there are so many distractions nowadays that It is easy to get sidetracked and neglect the fundamentals, but the consequences are enormous.

Discover the Reason You Procrastinate

Discover your reasons to procrastinate, it all lies in that single moment where you have to something but can’t.

Are You Avoiding Pain?

Some people are unbelievably creative to come up with ways to avoid pain. The status quo is to slowly coast yourself into the most comfortable situation possible. Going against your natural urges is not easy, but life is just that, a game of outwitting the lazy, unmotivated you.

 How Much Can You Change at a Time?

Changing takes time, pretending that you will wake up tomorrow a different person is unrealistic. This one day that you refuse to act on your dreams, this single day can tremendously delay your success. Seize the opportunities of today, because they really might not be here tomorrow.

Track Your Behaviour Down to the Minutes

Everything I do productivity wise is tracked down to the minute. If I do not measure my work in NUMBERS, then how the heck am I supposed to know if I am working efficiently or not?

Develop a Timetable for Tracking Time Spent Working

This is the timetable that I developed for working on this website. The cool thing about it is that it kills my excuses and makes me focus on solving problems instead. Also, I can observe better how much time is needed exactly to finish a specific task.

Multiply Your Day by a 1000 and Honestly Evaluate Yourself  

There is a simple day to evaluate if your day was worth it or not. What did you produce today?

If you were to produce the same amount of work everyday for a 1000 days, would that been a good period of productivity or a flop?

These questions will bring the right answers, just try it.

Accept that Changing Will Suck for a While

Nobody likes to change. Changing often means giving up pleasure in exchange for something in the future, and that can be overwhelming.

Changing is an Uphill Battle

Steven Pressfield wrote a whole book about it. That book is called “The War of Art”, the thing is that changes comes with resistance. Resistance will anything it can to stop you, resistance’s single purpose in life is to make you stay the same no matter what. That is a body defense mechanism, and dealing with that takes great willpower.

Do You think Your Thoughts Are Yours?

Your do not directly control thoughts generation, if you were able to do that, then you would not face so much problems in life. Thoughts will come out of nowhere and bug you over stuff that does not matter. Develop the habit of ignoring them to build self discipline, because you are not your thoughts.

Stop Treating Yourself as a Special Cookie

Some people think they are too smart to work hard. Even geniuses had to work hard to develop their legacy. Maybe you are one of those people. Do not be like that, humility is a very valuable trait to have.

Pain Endurance is Something that Can Be Learned

Pain is something that can be managed. Overtime you pain threshold can be either increased, or decreased. Life will throw a bunch of stuff at you, would rather be able to shrug things off when the storm comes or be taken with it?

Never Be Underprepared

Good planning prevents poor performance, that is so tremendously true. This article has been researched and planned before I sat down to write it completely. Coming up with ideas out of thin air is not my prefered method of working.

Instead of waiting for inspiration, I always have some sort of structure which will promote faster output.

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