I Am in the Worst Shape of My Life, How Do I Turn This Around?

Realise that it Can Happen to Everybody

Even the most disciplined people fall on this trap. Everybody likes to think that handlling all facets of life is possible through hard work. The problem is that life gets in the way more often than not and we get sidetracked as a result.

Focus on Reconquering the Basics to Turn This Around

The only way for you to retrieve your health and looks, is by nailing down the fundamentals. What got you until this point was most likely a combination of lack of the fundamentals. I am talking about sleeping, eating and exercing. Without any of these three, your health will continue to further fall apart.

Accept that You Actually Want to Change

There is little chance for you to succeed if you lack motivation. Self discipline can only get you so far, but you are not a robot. You need strong reasons for keeping your health in check.

The first step to developing motivation is accepting your actual circumstances and deciding that you are going to do something about it.

Nobody Will Care that You Are in the Worst Shape of Your Life as Much as You

Your momma will always comfort you, your wife will still love you (probably), your friends do not care. You are the one that need to be pissed off with the situation in order to make a change.

This is Good News Because There is no Pressure

Pressure can either be good or bad. Do you remember that guy you saw at the gym last month?, See?, Nobody cares.

You just got to focus on your training, right now. Keep stacking good days of diet, training and exercise, each day as best as you can. When next year comes, your whole health outlook will be different.

Do What You Can to Re-ignite that Inner Drive

You need to prove to yourself that you can. A great way to increase motivation is to measure your results. Not in terms of weight or distance runned, but in terms of consistency.

Not skipping diet that day?


Working out, no matter how sloppy?


Practice being accountable, being consistent will get you much further than being perfect, be an anti perfectionist.

Start Small and Do Not Quit

Many books on habit formation are revolving on this simple concept nowadays. Starting small ignites the motivation to do big overtime. High achiever knows that the first byte leads to eating the whole cake, wheter it is healthy cake or not.

You Are Here Now Not Because You Were Too Slow, But Because You Quit at Some Point

How many times have you initiated a new workout program or a new diet?

If you are like me, thousands of times…

The error we make is letting a tiny setback define our lives at some point. Sometimes a simple mistake leads to a dramatic screw it moment. That is when we fall into bad habits and stay there, making you stay where you are now.

Perfectionism Will Force You to Strive for the Best with Time

You cannot completely supress the perfectionist side of your character. It will come out, one way or another. Humans have an internal desire for excellency, perfectionism helps us achieve that. Sadly, most of the time perfectionism is a demotivator, so it is best to reduce it as much as possible. A little bit of perfectionism will always remain, a little bit is good though, as it can help us criticize our work and improve on it.

Increase Convenience to Guarantee that the Workout Will Happen

Preparation is the special ingredient that will bind everything together. By having a proper workout plan in place, goals and organization, everything is possible.

Remove Anything that Could Drain Motivation

Stuff like toxic sluggish people trying to drag you down because they do not want to face their own problems. Habits that are damaging your motivation to be, like mindless eating, cellphone addiction and other timewasters.

We Are Not Self Disciplined Robots

Tricking yourself into doing what is right is a very important skill to develop. A nudge in the right direction might be the only thing we need. This nudge can come in many forms such as:

  • Preparing workout clothes in advance
  • Purchasing workout gear that facilitates the training
  • Preparing meals in advance
  • Preparing the workout plan
  • Putting your protein powder in the shaker, then place in your gym bag
  • Preparing goals to be met for the day, week, months and year
  • Shopping consciously so you do not have junk readily available at home

Preparedness is what will aid you the most. Individually, these are easy to do things. Combined, they make the workout very likely to happen.

Get Fed Up with Your Cirscumstances

It is time to stop accepting being unhealthy. People only act when the pain is too strong, be smart and change it now!

You Only Act When the Pain of Being Who You Are is Greater than the Pain of Staying the Same

The wheels only start to turn when the pain is too big. You become so fat that you hate your look in the mirror. Walking up the stairs is a battle as you gasp for air. Those high school years of athleticism feels like a distant dream

Build a Mantra, Phylosophy, Belief or Whatever You Want to Call it

You need a mental pillar to hold on to in times of adversity. Develop your own mantra, tiny bits of philosophy.

It can be something as simple as:

  • I am somebody who eats healthy all the time
  • Working out is not optional
  • I value my health more than anything

Just shouting in your own mind something like that can make your dsires and your philosophies clash. The trick is to repeat this enough until it becomes a pillar in your mind, something that you can say that it is part of your identity.

Visualize the Worst that Could Happen

What is the worst thing that can happen to a person, death?

In my honest opinion, losing health is worse, getting struck with a terminal disease that is debilitating.

Losing the Most Precious Gifts in Life

Your most precious gift is time, but living without health is rarely a happy picture. Just like envisioning your dreams is positive for your goals, imagining the worst can set you straight in life.

Visualise the Results of Being in Bad Shape in Your Romantic Life

Do you want your partner to be fat?

I know this is an often debated theme, but we all have preferences. I bet the majority of people enjoy a slimmer, regular weight profile than a fattier one. Being unhealthy can make sex less exciting both because of looks and depleted energy. Nobody provides unconditional love in romantic relationships. Realize that there is always the possibility of losing your romantic partner. What will your spouse think when he sees that you do not even have the energy to take care of your health.

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