I Can’t Do My Homework I Am Too Tired

How Tired Are You to do Homework?

This website has the intent of helping you, so what you are going to find here are not excuses not to do your homework, but

Are You Exhausted from School?

While I understand that school can be very demanding, a simple shower can take some of the stress away. Look at things as an opportunity now, because when you get older you will hardly get the chance to spend time studying.

What to do if You Are Physically Drained?

Then try to study for easier subjects, as that can be less mentally draining and is going to be better than just watching tv and play videogames.

Try to Do Just a Little Bit of Your Homework

Something is better than zero, always strive for non zero work days. Keep your streak of studying and you will become a straight a student in no time.

One Paragraph or One Math Problem

That one paragraph could save your exam, that one math problem may be just what you needed to pass that test. What matters is that you are creating your own luck when you atleast do one more thing instead of nothing.

Motivation Follows Action

Motivation is overrated and people have the tendency to see it backwards. Motivation actually precedes action most of the time. If you have to wait for motivation to come every time you want to accomplish something, then you will run into problems rather sooner than later in life.

Use the Reverse Pomodoro Technique

The pomodoro technique is something I use a lot of times in my life to maintain productivity at my peak personal levels.    

A Little Bit is Better than Nothing

Just like in this article, the pomodoro technique teaches me to focus on little time slots. That means that I do not have to work extreme lenghty work hours, the only thing I need to do is stretch myself for more 25 minutes and then I am done. Every time I repeat that pattern of thinking I am making future work more bearable.

Trick Yourself into Doing More

Of course that I do not work only 25 minutes per day, that would be unsustainable and would yield terrible results. The thing is that after I rest for 5 minutes, I repeat to myself:

“Only 25 minutes more minutes to go”

I keep doing that until I reach my goals and end my workday.

Evaluate the Consequences of Not Doing Homework

There are consequences to everything in life, but not everything matters equally, so sometimes your homework is something inefficient to do.

Sometimes Doing the Homework is the Wrong Thing to Do

There will be times when doing the homework is a bad deal. Let’s suppose you are exausted and you have procrastinated until the last minute, the homework is due tomorrow. Well, depending on how much the homework will contribute to your grades and overall knowledge on that subject, maybe you should just deal with the consequences.

Do the Bare Minimum and Go from There?  

Setting the bar low enough so you can hand the assignment is not as bad as not handing the assignment altogether, keep that in mind and come up with something that is atleast acceptable.

Is the Homework Something You Already Master?

There is no point in doing something only to get a grade, of course you should do it no matter what because of college acceptance and things like that, but do not spend much time on things you already mastered.

Homework is Something Not to Be Overlooked

Even though homework is something most students hate, do not overlook it. See homework as an extension of the knowledge you are trying to pick up in class, I know you are atleast trying to become a good student, this is true because you wouldn’t be here unless that was the case.

Use Anki Software to Recall What You Learned

Something very sad that happened to me while I was in school was not discovering this software before. Anki contains the potential to change your whole life and give you an edge over your peers.

Anki is a flashcard software that work with Ebbinghaus Forgeting Curve, meaning that it will thrown you a question when you are about to forget it, supercharging your memory skills.

Anki is open source and free, enjoy it.

Repetition is the Key to Learning Any Skill

Repetition is what is going to turn an average student into a great one. By drilling what you learn in class over and over, you will become a straight A student in no time.

Repetition Makes Learning Stick

If you do your homework early everytime, it will get easier overtime to not get overwhelmed with homework due dates. Developing the habit of being organized will put you in a better place to make decisions in life, because discipline is freedom.

Enjoy School While You Can

School is great, I would like to relive those moments I cherished so much. Getting good grades and developing a great work ethic will give you many more opportunities in life. Just enjoy today as much as you can because these days are never coming back.

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